Our Hypnotherapy Graduates and Students

We are incredibly proud of our graduates and students and their achievements.

Our Hypnotherapy Graduates have excelled and in recent years,

  • one of our hypnotherapy graduates was a finalist in a business awards event,
  • one created and pioneered her own therapy portal for her clients,
  • several featured on radio shows and in magazines,
  • one has lectured about hypnotherapy in India,
  • a number have recorded online audio programmes that are selling around the world,
  • several have written books,
  • several have presented fully booked workshops,
  • several have spoken at local events,
  • and MANY are working full-time as hypnotherapists.

Here are some of the things they have said about their experience of training with this college:

Hypnotherapy Graduates Testimonials

Course Prospectus


“The most inspirational trainer in clinical and scientific evidence based hypnotherapy in the UK today. Do not waste your money training anywhere else if you are serious about hypnotherapy.”



“I really did my research before choosing to train with Adam Eason. Having graduated several years ago, the skills I learned during my time at the college have enabled me to create a thriving practice, standing on my own two feet as a successful hypnotherapist and coach.

In addition to learning a remarkably broad skill set and an astute awareness of the evidence base in this field, I found myself personally transformed for the better. People will tell you it’s difficult to make a good living in this industry. In my experience this is down to the quality and depth of training they receive. Students that graduate from this college do so fully equipped to begin practice immediately, and creating a busy, lucrative business is simply a natural progression.

I continue to be involved with the Anglo European College and its thriving alumni community. One of the things I hear again and again from newcomers to the college, even veteran hypnotherapists, is their wish they had found it earlier. If you are looking for a comprehensive, rigorous, and thorough training in hypnotherapy that delivers a depth of knowledge, evidence base, and extensive practical skillset that sets you apart from the majority (by miles), nowhere is more highly regarded.”



“If only Clinical Hypnotherapy as so skillfully and passionately taught by Adam Eason is available on prescription on the NHS, we will be saving millions of much needed funds that could be directed to other services.

Patients with such chronic and immensely challenging conditions- both for the patients and clinicians alike- such as Anxiety,Depression,IBS,Chronic Pain Syndromes and Insomnia to name just a few, will benefit hugely from skills that they can learn and use to help themselves and others.

Then and only then, will we have a truly world class health and well being NHS service that we can be all proud of.

It’s time to move away from over- reliance on drugs and medications and bring back self efficacy”



“I had been searching for some time for a Hypnotherapy training course that would complement my existing skills when I came across Adams Web site. Immediately I felt he was just the person for me, knowledgable, dynamic, fun and a master of his own craft. I was not disappointed.

From the offset Adam sets the pace which is incredible. I found myself swept along by his enthusiasm and was eager to meet the high standards he sets both for himself and his students. Adam’s course was everything I imagined it would be and more. I was challenged, tested and found out more about myself in 10 months than I had in many years of self reflection.

The environment provided support and encouragement at all times and Adam goes beyond the call of duty with his time to ensure everyone’s needs are met. I have met a great cross section of people who have become dear friends and to top it off I am now a capable Hypnotherapist with a growing practice. I can’t recommend Adam highly enough.”



“After searching for some time for a high quality course in hypnotherapy Adam Eason was recommended to me by a homeopath who had heard Adam speak at a business event. They were so impressed they couldn’t praise Adam highly enough. When I contacted Adam and was immediately impressed by his professionalism and personable nature so much so I decided this was the course for me.

Adam approaches teaching his course with an infectious enthusiasm, imparting a wealth of information on hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming, subjects of which Adam is a cornucopia of knowledge.

Adam delivers this an action packed course (yes, you will be required to get up and get involved) with congruence and integrity, sharing from his vast professional and personal experiences, giving you invaluable skills as both a therapist and as a human being.

As well as giving you a thorough grounding in all the elements to become a skilled hypnotherapist Adam divulges many skills from the world of coaching and NLP which you then put into practise with your classmates making for a highly informative hands on and fun learning environment.

Take note, this course with Adam is life changing. You will be challenged as an individual, and in learning the therapeutic techniques Adam teaches, will discover new and interesting things about yourself, those around you and your interaction with your world. Over the 10 months of training with Adam I know myself and others on the course experienced wonderful and profound change which is a great way to learn and will allow you to apply the skills learnt all the better with your future clients.”



“This course prepared me to run my own hypnotherapy business and significantly develop my own skills, and achieve many of my goals.

The course content is inspiring and innovative, as is Adam, however, be warned, major gains mean major effort. Not for the fainthearted or anyone who doesn’t want to have lots of great fun along the way, whatever your age!”



“Having just completed Adam’s 10 Month Hypnotherapy Diploma Course, I can say what a fantastic journey it has been.

I started out with the intention of learning how to use Hypnotherapy to help others, and whilst I have exceeded even my own expectations where this is concerned, it is almost a by product compared to how much I have come to understand myself.

For anyone with an interest in being able to help and support others, or with an even greater wish to understand and appreciate who they are, this course is a must have.

I can only thank Adam and his charismatic style, for opening my eyes to the rich benefits of Hypnotherapy.

If you do just one thing for yourself this year — let it be this course.”



“I saw Adam speak at the Bournemouth Ecademy and he is excellent, well worth the time invested. He delivers interesting material in a style that reminded me of a top level stand up comedian and it works well.”



“Adam is one of the best, if not the best and most entertaining, speakers I have seen at an event. Beneath his lighthearted presentation, of which many a stand-up comic would be proud, Adam shows much depth and passion for research and understanding into the human condition.”



“Adam gave one of the most inspiring and informative presentations to Weybridge Ecademy Club members demystifying hynosis and its use in business. We were very impressed with his knowledge and insight into the human condition. His delivery certainly gave the members food for thought as well as a better understanding of what hynosis is about and what it can do to help you personally and in business. If you are an aspiring stand up comedian, watch out for Adam who enjoys watching you amongst the audience.”



“When I was looking for a Hypnotherapy Diploma course, I spent a lot of time researching different courses, and it was Adam’s course that stood out above all others for me.

The course content was what attracted me to Adam’s course, as it had a wonderful balance of NLP, hypnotherapy, not just theoretical teachings but a lot of practical elements too.

When I embarked on the Diploma Course I knew nothing, absolutely nothing about NLP and I had experienced a little hypnotherapy as a client. Adam listened and helped further explain whatever anyone on the course had difficulty in grasping. He puts so much time, his wonderful energy and expertise and has a wonderful unique approach making learning so much more fun.

Everything I learnt on the course from a theoretical point of view was backed up by Adam with practical work. My confidence grew and continually grows from the encouragement and group support also.

As Adam attracts individuals from all over, those studying his Diploma are a wonderful mix of people… I have made many long-term friends on this course as well as the confidence to go out in the wide world and make a difference to other people’s lives as hypnotherapy has done so far in my life and I hope continues to do so as I have a wonderful career ahead of me.
Thank you so much Adam for your encouragement and belief in me, to get me where I am today.”



“Becoming a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist is for me the biggest achievement to date. It is a very demanding course and there is a huge amount of coursework. There hasn’t been one day that I haven’t been pulled out of my comfort zone. I am amazed at how much I have achieved and how much I have progressed and grown as a person, and am still discovering my abilities daily.

Adam is an excellent tutor who adds a lot of humour to his teaching, many a class was filled with roars of laughter and I will miss them so much. As a tutor Adam is very honest and will bring out the very best in you — he’s dynamic, enthusiastic and will help you out in any way he can. In between sessions, he is at the end of the phone (when possible) and will always give you the benefit of his knowledge and expertise.

My choice to go with Adam was definitely for me the correct decision, and I will continue to have Adam as my supervisor.

Adam is much, much more than just a tutor, he is an outstanding teacher and an exceptional kind and helpful person who will be there to support you not only during the course, but long after.
Thank you, from one of your newly qualified students.”



“It is a rare occurrence to experience people that offer over and above the basics. Well, Adam Eason exceeds all expectations and sets the bar very high. Adam is a powerhouse of skill, knowledge, credibility, insight, energy and fun! If you undertake his Hypnotherapy Diploma, be prepared to have your world rocked.

I looked around to find a course that was rigorous and challenging. I didn’t want a certificate for just being a bum on a seat. I certainly made the right choice. I left the programme feeling equipped and ready to work with clients. Adam does everything within his power to help you get to where you want. The rest is up to you! If you have a chance to train with Adam, seize it!”



“This Diploma Course has been revelatory for me: a wonderful synthesis of academic and practical learnings in a fun and progressive environment. Ideal for therapy professionals; prospective therapy professionals; AND for those simply wishing to further their own personal development insights with no intention of practicing professionally.

Adam Eason is an exceptionally gifted communicator, teacher, coach and mentor — he is also one of the most congruent individuals it has ever been my privilege and pleasure to work with. Thank you again, Adam.”



“Don’t do it if you just want 10 lazy weekends in Bournemouth with friends. Only do the Adam Eason Hypnosis Diploma if you are really serious and wish to become the best hypnotherapist that you can be. Adam will open your mind and get it truly working. The rest is up to you.”



“It has been a year since I have graduated from Adam’s training course. One year later, I have secured two office locations, been in the local newspaper, on Sky TV and have clients travel from London to Dorset to see me! I have set up my own limited company and have been able to make a full time living doing what I love.

Being a Registered Nurse for 25 years, I had limited business knowledge and could never have imagined doing what I am doing now. Thanks to Adam’s course, I am living a life I never thought possible. I highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to become a hypnotherapist or learn about the mind. Adam positively encourages success and shares his knowledge unreservedly. For that, I am forever grateful. Thanks Adam.”



“This fascinating Diploma course was a huge learning curve for me. I gained massive amounts of insight into the practice of clinical hypnotherapy and NLP as well as developing on a more personal level.

Whether for learning or as part of a new career development, the content of the course is very thorough and Adam is a ‘mind’ of information and knowledge which he openly shares and gives to his students, he is also an exceptional tutor. I’d even go so far as to say, I enjoyed doing the homework, believe me, this course was a truly hypnotic experience.”



“In the past I have often wondered if testimonials are genuine; now, I know this one is, because I wrote it!

I have recently completed Adam’s diploma course and the only pain I feel is in my sides from laughing so much! How did I learn so much so easily and never once be tempted to gaze out of the window or sneak a peek at the clock?

Because the course was clearly and thoughtfully prepared and delivered by a gifted, energetic trainer who is passionate about his subject.

Adam, however, as a person is more than that, he is compassionate, has cared deeply and uniquely for all of us throughout. He has nurtured us, encouraged our strengths and has been keen to inspire us to be creative individuals.

In turn, he expects high standards from his students, as he is obviously mindful too, of our potential clients… There are many similar courses out there and I am so glad I chose this one.”



“I was already an NLP Master Practitioner when I signed up for Adam Eason’s Diploma Course to build my skills as a hypnotherapist and develop my NLP skills further. Despite excellent training from the likes of Richard Bandler and Paul McKenna, I still didn’t feel ready to work with real clients.

Adam and his Diploma course have taken me so much further than my earlier training and developed me into a confident hypnotist and efficient and effective practitioner of NLP. I’m now more than ready to start up build my business as a Golf Psychologist and Clinical Hypnotherapist.”



“Adam Eason is more than a master practitioner of Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy and NLP, he is an Oracle. If you are prepared to develop a firm interest in this field, or even for your own personal advancement in life, then Adam’s courses are not one to miss! He enthuses each month with a plethora of learning, practical exercises and skills and you also get the opportunity to watch a master of his trade at ‘work’.

After each month, you receive a manual that is just jam packed full of personal development, just waiting for you to read and learn. After ten months you subsequently end up with a ‘Bible’ of well over a thousand pages of Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy and NLP techniques to add to your personal tool kit. If you want to get the most out of your journey with Adam, it’s well worth the time to study and read.

For those wishing for an easy course with the odd bit of reading and practicals, then politely I’d like to say, perhaps you should look elsewhere? For those who want to work with the best and be the best you can be, then Adam’s course could be for you. Imagine taking a journey of self-discovery that provides you with many learnings and skills beyond the comprehensible and has the possibility of changing your life… what would that be like for you? Well that’s what I received from Adam’s 2008–2009 Diploma in Hypnotherapy and NLP Practitioner Training and I am absolutely delighted I did!”



“I attended the 10 month course which ran from October 2011 to July 2012. The course is interesting, fun, fast paced, encouraging, confidence building, skill packing and very professionally run by Adam and his team.

Realistically, it required a lot of committment in time and effort, which in reality was easy to give with the knowledge and new zest for learning that Adam’s enthusiasm brings.

Adam and his team were of constant support to me throughout the course and I feel lucky to be able to consider them to be good friends and confidantes now.

I have qualified and feel confident that the knowledge,confidence, skills and practical experience I have gained during this course will serve me very well in practice.”



“If you are looking for a comprehensive challenging course that will take you out of your comfort zone while providing the support to help you achieve your desire to become a hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner, then I recommend you consider The Adam Eason School of Therapeutic Hypnosis.

Having completed two previous hypnotherapy courses, I can say that this course reaches areas that other courses can only dream of. Then there’s the added value. On top of comprehensive course notes, there is access to invaluable recourses online and personal feedback on homework assignments.

I would be happy to talk to anyone considering investing their time and money with this school.”



“Having just completed the 10 month diploma course, I am delighted to recommend Adam Eason to anybody who wants to qualify as a hypnotherapist. Adam teaches in a unique way that combines learning with laughter, tutoring with therapy, and theory with practice. Each and every month was jam packed with hard work and lots of fun.

I went into the course thinking it would be great to go to Bournemouth every month and learn hypnotherapy. I didn’t realise that most days of the month would be dedicated to studying and doing coursework of which every minute was thoroughly enjoyable. As a result, I have acquired a vast amount of knowledge and skills as well as the confidence to practice. Adam is a wonderful teacher and inspired us with his own personal stories as well as teaching in a truly professional way. He taught us how to get over ourselves and allow the best to come through in a way that seemed natural and progressive. I am grateful for his confidence in me when my confidence in myself was a bit shaky.

The course included a good mix of learning material and every month was exciting as we learned many new therapies. Because there were 25 of us in the class, we all got to practice on each other which taught me a lot about working with different types of people. Everyone is different and I learned something from everyone. The course assistants were extremely helpful and each one of them brought their own style of teaching and mentoring, knowledge and fun. It was wonderful to share the journey with so many lovely people. I have made some good friends and everyone on the course was a pleasure to work with. The last year has flown by and I would say to anyone thinking of joining Adam’s course to just be prepared to work hard and keep up with the coursework every month. It is so worth it when you get your qualification and can be proud of your achievement — I know I was.”



“I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience on Adam Eason’s 10 month diploma and can’t recommend it highly enough. Adam is passionate about hypnotherapy, has a vast depth of knowledge, a great sense of humour and committed to his students’ progress 100%.

The range of skills and techniques taught on this course has been very comprehensive, and an excellent foundation to begin my career as a hypnotherapist. This diploma does involve a lot of home study, but it’s well worth it, and I’ve found it very rewarding. The last 10 months has been a fantastic experience and one I would recommend to anyone interested in pursuing a career in hypnotherapy.”



“I highly recommend Adam’s course. It is a fantastic learning experience. The content is interesting and brilliantly taught. Adam brings a high level of enthusiasm and humour to his teaching which you cannot help but be swept up by. It’s such a thorough course that I felt very confident to treat clients once I had finished the course.”



“I just had to write and give my appreciation for everything I learned on Adam Eason’s Hypnosis and NLP Diploma course. I would 100% recommend the course to anyone thinking about doing it.

Adam goes to great lengths to make sure that the students that graduate from his course reach the highest standards and are in the best possible position to excel in their careers. It is hard work but immensely enjoyable. I wanted to make sure I trained with the best and I now know for sure that I made the right choice. And we had lots of fun!

When attending an additional course that Adam held, I spoke to other hypnotherapists who had trained elsewhere. They said they wished they had trained with him instead. Don’t make the same mistake!

You only do your training once so make sure you make the right choice, and if you train with Adam, you won’t regret your decision.”



“Training to become a Hypnotherapist with Adam has truly been hypnotic and trance inducing. Not only due to the work that we as a class have been doing, taking each other into and out of hypnosis, but also with the work that Adam asks us to do out of the classroom environment. Adam’s passion to provide you with information, confidence, knowledge and other feelings that you will have to find out when you experience this life changing course, Adam empowers you to be the best of the best, which if you want to be, you can.

Throughout the last 10 months I have been studying two diplomas, one in hypnotherapy and the other in counselling. Because the course has been so inspiring, it is one of the small amount of courses that you enjoy completing your homework — and that is saying something, isn’t it?

Adam is a fountain of knowledge, and with his congruency, professional experience and honesty, you can find answers to professional and personal questions throughout the course that help clients in their life journey.

A course I’ll definitely be suggesting to my friends and acquaintances.

Thank you Adam for the life changing experience, for providing me with the extraordinary skills to be an amazing therapist and a truly hypnotic outlook on life.”



“This is an amazing course I took by a brilliant hypnotist, Adam Eason.

I really enjoyed everything during this wonderful time of 10 months training with Adam Eason. Adam himself has a lot of charisma and charm together with his skill sets that just delivered to us all fellow students.

The course is highly entertaining and fun full of laughter, the course materials of NLP and hypnosis were described with Adam’s style that just ‘clicked’. I can easily apply them to any area of life such as toward success, relationship, finance and many more.

After taking this course, now I feel really happy about myself, belief in my capabilities and have gained such confident for me to go after anything I want! Thank you Adam for everything!”



“After trawling though the internet for hours, I found a hypnotherapy course I was interested in. I phoned to make enquires, I left a message, and received an almost instant response from Adam. I was a bit wary doing the course as I am dyslexic. Adam told me this would not be a problem.

I decided to do the course with Adam and he did not disappoint me, I did have many struggles but he was there to help me in class and over the phone. He was very generous with his time and invested a lot of time in me. As a result, I am very pleased to say I passed the course — something I did not initially think I was capable of.

It was a interactive, lively course. Adam has his own unique way of teaching; he is very passionate about what he does and makes it a point to make sure we all understood what we needed to every step of the way.

All in all, a great location, very interesting course and a very, very supportive environment. Thank you Adam!

I would highly recommend this course if you want to be a confident and professional hypnotherapist — the course was worth every penny and more. There were lots of little extra nuggets of golden information that we gleaned from Adam too.”



“I have thoroughly enjoyed the hypnotherapy diploma course; I loved every minute of it. When I started, I had no idea of the journey of self-discovery that I would make, and Adam’s course went beyond all my expectations.

From Day One, Adam made every member of the class feel welcome and important and not just another candidate to pass through his school. The background information that he gains from each student is valuable and definitely made me feel that Adam cares for each individual. I was particularly impressed how Adam never made anyone feel uncomfortable or out of their depth and respect the time he takes to get to know everyone.

From my own personal experience, there were days when I would feel apprehensive and nervous, but within minutes of the class starting, I felt comfortable and ready to go. Good work is commended and equally if something hasn’t worked, Adam is encouraging and never patronising.

With a class of 20+ students, it can be difficult to for a tutor to cover every subject within the field of hypnosis and hypnotherapy, but Adam does a very good job of giving every subject maximum attention. Adam assigns assistants for each member of the class and it is here where class members can gain valuable tit-bits of information and advice.

Each module is packed with techniques, demonstrations, information and vast opportunities to practice with fellow students both as a therapist and as a client. Adam encourages his students to be themselves and often steers people from becoming a clone of more famous hypnotherapists and stage performers. Like most things in life, you get what you put in, and Adam’s diploma will reward you if your efforts are disciplined and you are open mined and ready for the challenges ahead.

If a prospective student is looking for a highly respectable school to study and gain their Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma I would highly recommended Adam Eason’s School of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy.”



“It took me a long time to choose the hypnotherapy course I felt was right for me. From the moment I entered the classroom on the first day, I knew my decision to learn from Adam was the right one. Throughout the course, Adam’s passion, knowledge and experience of evidence-based hypnotherapy made him the best tutor I have ever encountered. Adam and his team of assistants also went out of their way to support all the students, even beyond the end of the course, to make the whole learning experience an absolute joy. I would recommend Adam’s course to anybody who wants to learn clinical hypnotherapy from a Master.”



“Adam Eason delivers high quality, thought provoking and, above all, field-tested hypnotherapy training. His playful yet professional manner engages the listener in such a way that time flies while you learn. Personally, I could listen and watch him all day.”



“I attended Adam Eason’s Hypnotherapy Diploma Course in Bournemouth. Before investing in such a course it was important for me to find someone who was a true expert in their field and someone who I could learn from. Adam has this unique ability to turn what can at times be a very complicated topic into something that is easily digestible, fun and at times even humorous. It is this rare gift that makes Adam Eason easy to recommend. I also suffered several bereavements during the course and Adam’s caring and personable approach gave me the strength I needed to not only successfully complete the Diploma but pass with flying colours. I can only attribute such results down to Adam and his unrivalled support for his students. However make no illusion the course is tough, and this isn’t some sort of quick course you can do just to earn some money on the side. If you have the determination to work hard then you will pass the course.

I also recommend Adam as a fellow Hypnotherapist and trainer as well. I own several of Adam’s recordings and believe the recordings to not only be professionally put together with soothing background and well thought out music, but also very results orientated as well. I certainly do enjoy listening to them. “



“Adam would be the first to say that hypnotherapy isn’t magic, but the time I spent on his hypnotherapy 2013/14 diploma course was possibly the most magical time in my life.

In addition to having gained my diploma qualification and having a whole new career path open to me, I have had the support of an inspiring group of self-motivated individuals, acquired some amazing skills, and my previous ‘fears, foibles and phobias’ have vanished.

As with most things in life, you get out what you put in, and there is no upper limit on how much study you can do to enhance your knowledge beyond the minimum requirements for the diploma. But the course is also very experiential. If I hadn’t done Adam’s course I may never have known, for example, that I can experience feelings and sensations as colours or shapes that can be manipulated in my imagination to alter the way I feel. Thank you so much Adam!”



“I have just completed Adam’s 2013-14 10 month Hypnotherapy Diploma Course and I loved it. I am happy I have graduated,
but sad that those fun filled, interesting, mind expanding, supportive, friendly learning modules, with my fellow trainee hypnotherapists, are over.
I would highly recommend Adam’s course to anyone who wants to learn about hypnotherapy in a down to Earth, balanced way, free to adopt their own take on the subject without being forced to follow one particular way of thinking. Anyone doing this course will not only improve their own lives as a result of doing some of the tasks along the way, they will also be very well equipped and able to help other people using a well documented, effective array of tools and techniques. I particularly liked Adam’s sense of humour and style of teaching as well as meeting loads of new friends.”



“I have just qualified as a Hypnotherapist with Adam Eason’s school and I can honestly say this course has completely changed my life, not only has this course provided me with all the knowledge and tools to work with to be a competent Hypnotherapist;  it has helped me to truly develop and grow as a person. My self-esteem and confidence has never been higher! I cannot recommended this school enough. Thank you Adam from Theresa in Reading.”



“I booked up to Adam Eason School of Therapeutic Hypnosis in 2010, and I really did not know what to expect — I was very interested in Hypnosis, but what is taught throughout the diploma course is by far the best around.

Adam’s very unique style is very uplifting and thorough, and I leave his school with much more knowledge and well trained in clinical hypnotherapy. If you want to be trained to the high standard that Therapeutic Hypnotherapy should attain, then look no further than Adam’s School.”



“My background is computer software and electronics, so doing this course is about as different as I could get from my day job. I found that it was down to earth and founded on evidence based principles. Adam combines challenging views with humour to help you learn and understand the skills you will need.

From the outset I found that there was a lot of homework and that taught me as much again as I learned in class. By the time I finished this course I felt that I was a hypnotherapist with the skills I needed and the confidence to apply them.

Adam and his trainers provided support in the classroom and also with homework and anything else I needed during and after the course.

If you just want a fast and dirty hypnosis course with a certificate to get you going, then you will be disappointed. On the other hand, if you want a thorough grounding in hypnotherapy that includes hands on practice and covers a lot of therapeutic techniques with good documentation, then this course should be at the top of your list.

It could even change your life, I know it changed mine.”



“If you’re looking to combine Hypnosis, NLP, Cognitive Bavioural Therapy and many other therapeutic methods into a fantastic toolbox to become a competent therapist or coach, you’ve come to the right place.

Apart from being very professional, authentic and caring, Adam provided us with a wonderful, fun-filled learning environment throughout the course. To me, he seems to be like a therapeutic Lexicon which you can tap into at any time to enchance your own competency as a therapist.

I also benefited personally from learning a vast array of cutting-edge information which
enhanced my personal growth tremendously.

Every month I looked forward to another weekend of training with Adam and his team.

The course was worth every penny!”



“I genuinely believe that Adam Eason and his diploma course in hypnotherapy are unique. I am yet to meet another hypnotherapist who even comes close to possessing Adam’s incredible wealth of life-experience, almost unbelievable depth of knowledge, and astonishing skill as a hypnotist and a hypnotherapist. On top of that, Adam is a thoroughly nice man, who gives his time, patience and understanding generously to everyone he meets. He also has a great sense of humour, and peppers everything he does with entertaining stories, fun humour, and lots and lots of laughs.

This course is a LOT of hard work, but it gives you the most thorough and comprehensive knowledge and set of practical skills, which genuinely leave you fully-equipped to go straight into practise as a hypnotherapist. Adam’s course covers many different techniques and approaches to hypnotherapy, but his own evidence-based cognitive-behavioural preference (which the course leans towards) really rings true for me, and helps to give this field an ever-increasing amount of credibility.

Adam is a brilliant teacher, an extraordinary hypnotherapist, a highly successful author, an accomplished runner, a great father, and much much more. Doing his diploma course is the best decision I have ever made, and was worth every single penny.”



“Adam Eason’s diploma course is an incredible journey into the fascinating and rewarding fields of NLP and hypnotherapy. Adam’s exceptionally high standards are apparent in every aspect: his well-structured and comprehensive content, the way he demonstrates and explains practical skills in depth, and his detailed and constructive feedback for each student at every step of the way.

Adam leads the course like a firefly dancing ahead, his humour and enthusiasm shining in every session. His encouragement and understanding are dependable and warmly supportive when the learning curve gets steep to climb. Adam’s unique diploma course is an amazing life-enhancing experience for your own personal development and a direct route to helping others lead happier and more fulfilled lives.”



“I am a qualified hypnotherapist and am already in practice. I joined Adam Eason’s Hypnotherapy Diploma Course as part of my continuing professional development, thinking that I might learn something extra.

At the very first tutorial session it became obvious to me that my one year hypnotherapy diploma course, which I thought had given me so much, had barely scratched the surface. The depth and breadth of knowledge I have obtained while studying with Adam has been beyond any expectations I might have had.

Adam leads by example. His enthusiasm for his subject is infectious and his teaching skill can best be described as brilliant. He has a wonderful way of helping people to get the best out of themselves. His classes are thought-provoking and send you on a wonderful journey of self-discovery. Furthermore he is extremely happy to impart as much of his extensive knowledge as you can soak up, and offers support and encouragement throughout the course. There is also ample time made available during the tutorials for supervised practice, with Adam always on hand to guide.

I recommend this course to anyone who wishes to discover their true potential and in my opinion Adam Eason’s Diploma Course should be mandatory for anyone wishing to set up in practice as a clinical hypnotherapist.”



“I am proud to have achieved so much knowledge, so many skills and practical tools that are going to benefit my clients and I in my new journey.

I greatly love your compassionate style and the feelings you put in to help us develop our therapeutic skills. I feel very lucky to have had the benefit of your teaching, coaching, and individual support. Learning was so much fun. We had lots of laughter. Thank you again.”



“If you want to train with someone who has an incredible depth of knowledge and passion for the subject, who will push you out of your comfort zone and help you realise your potential, then look no further.

When looking to train in hypnotherapy, I contacted Adam and arranged to meet with him to discuss the course. I immediately felt comfortable chatting with him and knew when leaving his office after an hour that he was the right tutor for me.

Having now completed my training, I can say it has been a truly amazing ten months, with many, many laughs. Adam has such a belief and passion for hypnotherapy it is infectious; combine that with the care and desire he has for his students to succeed and you have a winning combination.”