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We have a large amount of hypnosis resources and this is just to give you a quick look at a few examples.

We thought we’d point out to you a series of video clips recorded a few years ago. The clips are of Adam eliciting Hypnotic Phenomena within a client. In this series, he hypnotises a lady to be unable to let go of a pen, he sticks her hand to her leg and even offers her over £100.00 cash if she can move it, he creates amnesia and has her hallucinate as well as inducing hypnosis in a variety of ways.

Why do such a thing? isn’t that simply the realm of stage hypnotists?

No it is not.

Many people visit hypnotherapists and when they leave are unsure if they have actually been hypnotised. You want your clients to have evidence that they have been hypnotised, don’t you? Something indisputable that very few training courses actually equip you to do with your clients.

It is also good to have a skill set that can ensure you are able to demonstrate your skills whenever you require it. You learn how to do all the things demonstrated in these clips on our diploma course and on our rapid inductions seminar. When clients learn these skills and start to apply the skills themselves, they develop self-efficacy, something which is proven time and again in research (in particular the work of Bandura) to advance therapeutic effect.

These processes are also learned as ‘hypnotic skills’ to help the client become more responsive to hypnosis. Something which is incredibly useful for hypnotherapists.

Go take a look at these clips and ask yourself if you’d like to be the kind of hypnotherapist that can give direct, unquestionable proof to your clients that they have had an undeniable hypnotic experience:

Eye fixation and sticky pen hypnosis induction

Inducing Hypnosis With A Rubber Band And Establishing Arm Catalepsy

Eye Lock Induction and Cash Challenge

Inducing Hypnosis And Eliciting Hallucination and Amnesia

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Top Ten Articles

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Adam has written a blog for many years and there is an amazing amount of educational material to be found in his blog archive.


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