“I would highly recommend this course…”

I would highly recommend this course for anyone considering training to be a clinical hypnotherapist. As a GP working in the NHS, I entered this course having done a previous hypnotherapy certification, but felt like I needed a greater breadth of understanding of hypnosis, with the latest evidence-base, and a wider range of therapeutic techniques. I was not disappointed. Adam Eason’s 10 month course, which I live streamed, helped me achieve my objectives and has made me a much more confident clinical hypnotherapist. Don’t underestimate the amount of work involved (!) but you will be provided with all of the support that you need from Adam and his team to help you through it.

Dr Connie Kerali
GP and Hypnotherapist
London, UK

“…build your skills and knowledge in a safe and enjoyable environment.”

Training to be a Hypnotherapist with Adam at this college was just the best! Adam made the course fun and interesting. The amount of information that Adam knows about Hypnosis, therapy and the evidence that supports it is truly amazing. He answered every question (even when really put on the spot) with such expertise and knowledge and always did so in a way that was kind, patient and with a bit of humour thrown in. Each module there was a good mix of theory and practical exercises. Helping you to build your skills and knowledge in a safe enjoyable environment. I highly recommend this college!

Lucy Robinson

“The diploma course content is extremely comprehensive, and delivered in impeccable style.”

I have just completed Adam’s incredible diploma course and qualified as a clinical hypnotherapist. If you are looking for a hypnotherapy training, look no further. Adam is the real deal. He goes over and above what is necessary to make sure that you get the training you need and his passion is as considerable as his knowledge. The diploma course content is extremely comprehensive, and delivered in impeccable style. He is extremely ably assisted by well qualified graduates of the college. One of Adam’s main mottos is to undersell and over deliver – this course does exactly that. If you want to be a part of a growing number of hypnotherapists who are critical thinkers, passionate about the subject and extremely well trained, this is the college for you!

Julie Bale
Watford, UK

“Exceeded all of my expectations”

I can’t recommend The Anglo European College of Therapeutic Hypnosis highly enough! I honestly cannot imagine having trained with any other college. I looked forward to every class and always came away excited to implement my new skills into my hypnobirthing practice.

Finding a quality hypnotherapy training provider felt like a minefield! I did a lot of research and the key thing for me was to be able to offer evidence based individualised care, I didn’t want to simply read from a script. Adam’s comprehensive training certainly delivered that and so much more! Adam has not only taught me to to carry out robust assessments in order to formulate suitable treatment plans, but to understand the mechanics of hypnotherapy and it’s processes in order to facilitate them effectively, and tailor to clients appropriately, off script. I’ve come away ready to set up my Hypnotherapy practice with all of the skills, resources and ongoing supervision required.

Adam is a brilliant teacher, his knowledge of the field is second to none. He delivers the material in a relatable way with the right amount of humour and fun. He’s a really funny guy (although don’t tell him I said that it will only encourage him?) but seriously as well as being very engaging, Adam is also a really lovely gent. I always felt supported when we were covering heavier aspects of therapy, and it was clear that our welfare was a priority to him and his team. They created a safe and relaxed space in which to learn, share experiences, practice and make mistakes. The class room assistants were fantastic and special shout out to Laura who was my absolute angel ❤️

If you’re considering training with Adam Eason go for it! The course has had a profound impact on my life both professionally and personally, it has exceeded all of my expectations.

Thank you Adam and The Anglo European College of Therapeutic Hypnosis!

Natalie Sellwood
Birth Coach

“…an absolutely perfect experience.”

Last year, I began my journey into Hypnotherapy. After discovering that this was a subject that interested me, I sought out a school that would help me achieve a professional qualification, so I could turn this interest into a career. I found Adam Eason’s ‘Anglo-European College of Therapeutic Hypnosis’, through an official channel. It offered the HPD, a certificate held in high esteem within the field. I attended each module over the course of ten months and found it to be one of the most beneficial and insightful things I have ever completed.

Adam is an incredible teacher; he has extensive knowledge about his subject and displays it with an engaging and enthusiastic attitude. His course is masterfully designed and covers a broad range of areas, not only teaching you therapeutic techniques, but giving you a full understanding about the science, psychology, and most importantly, the evidence to support Hypnotherapy. I have never met someone so dedicated to their work and I found him to be truly inspiring. The knowledge I have gained from his course and supervision has been invaluable, in the short space of a year I feel confident in my own understanding of the subject, something I wouldn’t have thought possible. I recommend Adam’s college to anyone wishing to step into the world of Hypnotherapy. This course will not only teach you the skills and tools required to become a great Hypnotherapist, but the understanding and attitude needed, to really make a difference to your clients.

I have thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of my time on this course; the illuminating content, the exceptional teachers, and my brilliant classmates, an absolutely perfect experience. Thank you Adam for sharing your wisdom and helping me find my feet.

Laura Chapman
Winchester, UK

A deep dive into the fascinating world of therapeutic hypnosis

There’s so much more to this course than you might imagine before you sit amongst likeminded students and experience the unfolding of it. They say the best teachers master the art of assisting discovery, something that becomes apparent as Adam delivers the content in his inimitable style, at a level that consistently exceeded my expectations, with no short measure of humour along the way.

In essence, this course is a deep dive into the fascinating world of therapeutic hypnosis, supported by the provision of every resource you’ll need to become a confident, fully accredited, and successful practitioner. However, to reach that goal, you will be challenged to immerse yourself and focus well enough to establish a broad knowledge base and a deeper, more meaningful understanding of yourself and others.

A prominent figure in the world of hypnotherapy I spoke with at the time, had this to say when I mentioned the course I was on “Good luck with the HPD, you have a good teacher in Adam, I know him well as I’ve spoken every year, (so far) at the UK Hypnosis Convention.”

In terms of value for money…. I’m sure you can pay more for less, but I am willing to bet you cannot pay less for more.  Easily recommended.

Paul Bridgeman

I found myself extremely confident and knowledgeable by the end

I highly recommend this course for anyone who really wants to become an accredited hypnotherapist. It’s thorough. I found myself extremely confident and knowledgeable by the end of this course, achieving some really great results, at times even beyond my expectation! Thank you Adam!
Liz Benamor
Poole, Dorset

The Lectures Were Superb

Adam has a deep knowledge of hypnotherapy, and has not limited himself to engagement with the areas that interest him – but rather has built up a broad knowledge from listening to and studying the full gamut of the hypnotherapy field.  I came to my first lecture with no knowledge of the field, and at the finish of the course feel confident entering private practice as a hypnotherapist.

Adam’s knowledge is abundantly apparent in the way that this course was delivered. The lectures were superb, with perfectly timed comfort breaks, and great practical exercise which helped cement information and build confidence. All the lecturers are backed up by videos of the lectures for those who wish to rewatch. The course material is extensive – easy to follow, and includes a number of scripts. Most notable however is the way that no matter what question Adam was asked he had in depth knowledge that he was ready to share.  On a personal level his guidance on my work with a particular client was in depth and insightful.  

Having completed the Diploma I immediately signed up for the Advanced course.  Over the ten month period a sense of community was fostered by the class, and I have forged friendships I hope to keep in years to come.  This is a course well worth investing in.

 I will give one word of caution – this course is in depth and thorough – it requires a lot of work and personal study alongside the classroom work. If you are after a course which will be a quick road to getting a certificate this is not the course for you.  This is a course which will challenge you, stretch you, and ultimately help you become a well rounded and knowledgeable hypnotherapist.
Jack SIlver
Dorset, UK

Made the Right Choice…

“Living overseas, and looking for a career change, it took me some time browsing the net to find the right presential hypnotherapy course. Adam’s course stands out way beyond other courses I found overseas and in the UK. It is clear by Adam’s professional experience that he is the UK’s leading evidence-based hypnotherapist and top in the field for keeping up-to-date with research. His ethos clearly expresses a congruent stance on serving the public through ethical and highly professional practice. This for me is refreshingly different in light of the ‘quick and easily qualified’ models that are often sold over the internet.
Initially I was nervous about not having the skills or experience but was soon made to feel comfortable and thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience in beautiful Bournemouth, Adam is an incredible teacher and person who balances theory with practice, combined with a sharp sense of stand-up comedy humour which helps us all to relax and have some fun. He has an amazing way of engaging with his students with such diverse personalities from all walks of life, and as a tutor goes out of his way to ensure that all questions or doubts, however big or small, are addresssed.
Adam’s training has certainly changed me on so many different levels. Apart from learning and having the confidence to carry out a wealth of hypnosis applications, I now think more critically, am better at time-management and goal-setting, I feel more self-confidence engaging in regular self-hypnosis (which has become my new meditation), and I have improved my running performance and mindset tremendously since applying the hypnosis for sports module and referring to Adam’s book ‘Hypnosis for Running.’
I highly recommend Adam’s course for anyone who wants to be more than just the average hypnotherapist. His course is well-structured with a generous amount of material. The coursework is demanding but the training, knowledge and support you receive is exceptional. I am pleased to have made the right choice in choosing to study at Adam’s college.”
Amanda Mandry
Lanzarote, Canary Islands

Beyond expectations…

Although I have held a continued, keen interest in the field, and have invested much time in reading and exploring over the years, I didn’t expect to be riveted to the course materials to the extent that I turned out being. I truly enjoyed this course, which was beyond my expectations.

Kfir Luzzatto

I found this course to be highly informative, engaging and fun.

I embarked Adam’s course with a determination to change myself and change my career and boy did this course deliver!  I found this course to be highly informative, engaging and fun.  Meeting people from all different backgrounds, we had so many laughs throughout the 10 months.  There were times when I found it challenging as I was completely out of my comfort zone, but with the support of Adam and his fantastic classroom assistants these challenges were soon overcome.  This course has been life changing for me in many ways; I’m now starting my own practice as a result of completing my diploma, which is very exciting!  I was so sad that the course had to end because I found the whole experience utterly fantastic.

Natasha James
Dorset, UK

All Hypnotherapy Diploma Courses are not equal

“Unfortunately for the field, all Hypnotherapy Diploma courses are not equal; in fact some of them are truly dire. I learned this the hard way, so let me save you wasted time, energy and money! Even if it means waiting six months for the course to start, travelling a long distance and investing in hotel stays, book your place with Adam today! You’ll be forever grateful that you did and so will your clients!
The education you will receive from Adam is second to none and the amount of material you are given, both to work with as a practitioner and in support of your studies, is outstanding. He is a wonderful teacher, engaging and funny and yet manages to deliver more course content within each weekend module than should be humanly possible. The follow up notes for each module provide an even deeper level of understanding around each topic and these, married with the online materials made available to all students in his online members area, provide a valuable resource that simply isn’t available anywhere else in the world.
Rather than teaching only his favoured approach, Adam teaches every approach to hypnosis, educating his students about the benefits and limitations of each. He encourages students to choose the ways in which they wish to work, to be authentic, true to themselves, an individual, not a copy. He is supported by a wonderful team of assistants who are warm, friendly, supportive and, importantly, who are very well educated and bend over backwards to assist students with any questions or queries throughout the course. Adam’s generosity and that of his team, shines through. If you are serious about wanting to be a hypnotherapist then investing in this course will be the best possible start you could give yourself. I am amazed at how many therapists, that trained elsewhere, have to engage in further courses to learn content that is taught as a matter of course on Adam’s Diploma. It is very simply the best course available and when you have completed it, you will be well ahead of hypnotherapists that have trained anywhere else.”
Samantha Shanks-Husband
Equine and Horsemanship Specialist Therapist
Exeter, Devon
Walk Your Walk

Qualifying with Anglo-European College of Therapeutic Hypnotherapy has been life changing and one of my biggest achievements to date.

Qualifying with Anglo-European College of Therapeutic Hypnotherapy has been life changing and one of my biggest achievements to date. Adam is an amazing tutor, teacher and human being, who is not only passionate about hypnosis, but he also has a vast depth of knowledge and he adds humour into everything he does, which is sometimes all you need as a student to feel more comfortable. Adam’s class assistants are also incredible and so supportive.

The course is very well structured, and Adam provided us with a lot of study materials, book recommendations and other resources. The course is demanding, it is not some sort of ‘get quickly and easily qualified’ type of course, but it is worth it. I have gained a lot of knowledge, but also practical skills- the course involved a lot of ‘hands-on’ work and I have been pulled out of my comfort zone on occasion, but now I am so grateful for that. The course was eye-opening, and I feel that I have developed on a personal level too.

Stepanka Kuralova
Devon, United Kingdom

Adam’s in depth knowledge and support through out the year has been outstanding

“Having looked at quite a few hypnotherapy training courses and colleges I came across Adam’s and it drew me in as it looked to be the most complete and comprehensive. After speaking with Adam and attending the first weekend I knew I had chosen the right college! Adam’s in depth knowledge and support through out the year has been outstanding and Adam for me personally went above and beyond. Adam and his college have a great reputation and quite rightly so. I would without question recommend Adam and the Anglo European College of Therapeutic Hypnosis”.

David McBride

I would 100% recommend the course to anyone thinking about doing it.

I just had to write and give my appreciation for everything I learned on Adam Eason’s Hypnosis and NLP Diploma course. I would 100% recommend the course to anyone thinking about doing it.

Adam goes to great lengths to make sure that the students that graduate from his course reach the highest standards and are in the best possible position to excel in their careers. It is hard work but immensely enjoyable. I wanted to make sure I trained with the best and I now know for sure that I made the right choice. And we had lots of fun!

When attending an additional course that Adam held, I spoke to other hypnotherapists who had trained elsewhere. They said they wished they had trained with him instead. Don’t make the same mistake!

You only do your training once so make sure you make the right choice, and if you train with Adam, you won’t regret your decision.

Mike Lawson
Therapist, Business Coach
Wimborne, Dorset

The skills I learned during my time at the college have enabled me to create a thriving practice, standing on my own two feet as a successful hypnotherapist and coach.

I really did my research before choosing to train with Adam Eason. Having graduated several years ago, the skills I learned during my time at the college have enabled me to create a thriving practice, standing on my own two feet as a successful hypnotherapist and coach.

In addition to learning a remarkably broad skill set and an astute awareness of the evidence base in this field, I found myself personally transformed for the better. People will tell you it’s difficult to make a good living in this industry. In my experience this is down to the quality and depth of training they receive. Students that graduate from this college do so fully equipped to begin practice immediately, and creating a busy, lucrative business is simply a natural progression.

I continue to be involved with the Anglo European College and its thriving alumni community. One of the things I hear again and again from newcomers to the college, even veteran hypnotherapists, is their wish they had found it earlier. If you are looking for a comprehensive, rigorous, and thorough training in hypnotherapy that delivers a depth of knowledge, evidence base, and extensive practical skillset that sets you apart from the majority (by miles), nowhere is more highly regarded.

Lucy Hyde

I would recommend to anyone interested in pursuing a career in hypnotherapy.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience on Adam Eason’s 10 month diploma and can’t recommend it highly enough. Adam is passionate about hypnotherapy, has a vast depth of knowledge, a great sense of humour and committed to his students’ progress 100%.

The range of skills and techniques taught on this course has been very comprehensive, and an excellent foundation to begin my career as a hypnotherapist. This diploma does involve a lot of study, but it’s well worth it, and I’ve found it very rewarding. The last 10 months has been a fantastic experience and one I would recommend to anyone interested in pursuing a career in hypnotherapy.

Sam Davey
Axminster, Devon

I highly recommend Adam’s course. It is a fantastic learning experience.

I highly recommend Adam’s course. It is a fantastic learning experience. The content is interesting and brilliantly taught. Adam brings a high level of enthusiasm and humour to his teaching which you cannot help but be swept up by. It’s such a thorough course that I felt very confident to treat clients once I had finished the course.

Catherine Swatridge
Dorset and London

I loved every minute of it.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the hypnotherapy diploma course; I loved every minute of it. When I started, I had no idea of the journey of self-discovery that I would make, and Adam’s course went beyond all my expectations.

From Day One, Adam made every member of the class feel welcome and important and not just another candidate to pass through his school. The background information that he gains from each student is valuable and definitely made me feel that Adam cares for each individual. I was particularly impressed how Adam never made anyone feel uncomfortable or out of their depth and respect the time he takes to get to know everyone.

From my own personal experience, there were days when I would feel apprehensive and nervous, but within minutes of the class starting, I felt comfortable and ready to go. Good work is commended and equally if something hasn’t worked, Adam is encouraging and never patronising.

With a class of 20+ students, it can be difficult to for a tutor to cover every subject within the field of hypnosis and hypnotherapy, but Adam does a very good job of giving every subject maximum attention. Adam assigns assistants for each member of the class and it is here where class members can gain valuable tit-bits of information and advice.

Each module is packed with techniques, demonstrations, information and vast opportunities to practice with fellow students both as a therapist and as a client. Adam encourages his students to be themselves and often steers people from becoming a clone of more famous hypnotherapists and stage performers. Like most things in life, you get what you put in, and Adam’s diploma will reward you if your efforts are disciplined and you are open mined and ready for the challenges ahead.

If a prospective student is looking for a highly respectable school to study and gain their Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma I would highly recommended Adam Eason’s School of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy.

Glenn Goudie
Sports Coach & Hypnotherapist
Reading, Berkshire

Adam’s passion, knowledge and experience of evidence-based hypnotherapy made him the best tutor I have ever encountered.

It took me a long time to choose the hypnotherapy course I felt was right for me. From the moment I entered the classroom on the first day, I knew my decision to learn from Adam was the right one. Throughout the course, Adam’s passion, knowledge and experience of evidence-based hypnotherapy made him the best tutor I have ever encountered. Adam and his team of assistants also went out of their way to support all the students, even beyond the end of the course, to make the whole learning experience an absolute joy. I would recommend Adam’s course to anybody who wants to learn clinical hypnotherapy from a Master.

Karen Puttick
Clinical Hypnotherapist
Chiltern, Buckinghamshire

If you want a thorough grounding in hypnotherapy that includes hands on practice and covers a lot of therapeutic techniques with good documentation, then this course should be at the top of your list.

My background is computer software and electronics, so doing this course is about as different as I could get from my day job. I found that it was down to earth and founded on evidence based principles. Adam combines challenging views with humour to help you learn and understand the skills you will need.

From the outset I found that there was a lot of homework and that taught me as much again as I learned in class. By the time I finished this course I felt that I was a hypnotherapist with the skills I needed and the confidence to apply them.

Adam and his trainers provided support in the classroom and also with homework and anything else I needed during and after the course.

If you just want a fast and dirty hypnosis course with a certificate to get you going, then you will be disappointed. On the other hand, if you want a thorough grounding in hypnotherapy that includes hands on practice and covers a lot of therapeutic techniques with good documentation, then this course should be at the top of your list.

It could even change your life, I know it changed mine.

Peter French
Fareham, Hampshire

To me, he seems to be like a therapeutic Lexicon which you can tap into at any time to enhance your own competency as a therapist.

If you’re looking to combine Hypnosis, NLP, Cognitive Bavioural Therapy and many other therapeutic methods into a fantastic toolbox to become a competent therapist or coach, you’ve come to the right place.

Apart from being very professional, authentic and caring, Adam provided us with a wonderful, fun-filled learning environment throughout the course. To me, he seems to be like a therapeutic Lexicon which you can tap into at any time to enhance your own competency as a therapist.

I also benefited personally from learning a vast array of cutting-edge information which enhanced my personal growth tremendously.

Every month I looked forward to another weekend of training with Adam and his team.

The course was worth every penny!

Riggie Freyer
Tennis Coach & Hypnotherapist

I genuinely believe that Adam Eason and his diploma course in hypnotherapy are unique.

I genuinely believe that Adam Eason and his diploma course in hypnotherapy are unique. I am yet to meet another hypnotherapist who even comes close to possessing Adam’s incredible wealth of life-experience, almost unbelievable depth of knowledge, and astonishing skill as a hypnotist and a hypnotherapist. On top of that, Adam is a thoroughly nice man, who gives his time, patience and understanding generously to everyone he meets. He also has a great sense of humour, and peppers everything he does with entertaining stories, fun humour, and lots and lots of laughs.

This course is a LOT of hard work, but it gives you the most thorough and comprehensive knowledge and set of practical skills, which genuinely leave you fully-equipped to go straight into practise as a hypnotherapist. Adam’s course covers many different techniques and approaches to hypnotherapy, but his own evidence-based cognitive-behavioural preference (which the course leans towards) really rings true for me, and helps to give this field an ever-increasing amount of credibility.

Adam is a brilliant teacher, an extraordinary hypnotherapist, a highly successful author, an accomplished runner, a great father, and much much more. Doing his diploma course is the best decision I have ever made, and was worth every single penny.

Jill Alldridge
Healthcare Professional
Poole, Dorset

I just cannot recommend both Adam and his courses highly enough.

When I decided to take a huge step by ending my career in the corporate world of employed work, to pursue my desire to become and practice as a fully qualified clinical hypnotherapist, I took my time in researching and asking in depth questions of the various tutors of the courses available nationwide. This was to ensure that I made the best informed decision possible prior to committing myself to one of the numerous HPD courses that are out there.

Although I had already studied and completed several online hypnotherapy diplomas I wanted to find the ‘crème de la crème’ of classroom-based diplomas. The one HPD course that shone above all others was Adam’s. Right for the outset Adam was highly responsive to my questions and queries, extremely accommodating and supportive, talked very candidly and honestly which made everything very clear and I just couldn’t wait to get started on his 10-month classroom-based diploma. Adam’s commitment to myself, as one of his students, is what I would say ‘ground-breaking’ in my experience of tutor support.

Having now just completed the diploma, the investment that I made, in my time, tenacity and energy in finding the right course has been paid back tenfold. I believed that I was fairly knowledgeable already in the skill and knowledge of clinical hypnotherapy, due to my previous studies within this field, but I was wrong. Every single minute whilst in the classroom during the 10-month period, Adam held my attention and curiosity as he is one incredible and exceptional tutor who knows how to teach in a very thorough, structured and balanced approach. Adam is the ‘ultra-professional’ in all aspects.

When joining Adam’s HPD course you are given resources to help you every step of the way. The resources provided by Adam are not only superb when in the classroom but also outside of the classroom when undertaking the coursework, self-development and practicing the skills to become a highly effective clinical hypnotherapist.  You just never stop learning and Adam continually opens your eyes to think critically and ensure that you have a fully rounded view of every aspect within the field of hypnotherapy.

The camaraderie, support and friendship that is built with fellow students and course assistants is priceless, you are never alone that’s for sure. The course is challenging without a doubt and for the right and professional reasons. Adam’s delivery of the classroom content is done in such a way that you can’t take your eyes of him or ears away from him whilst, for sure, you will come away after each day having had a plethora of ‘belly laughs’.

I am now far more knowledgeable and confident as a clinical hypnotherapist  since undertaking Adam’s HPD. My learning and self-development will never stop and I will continue to attend further courses that Adam runs without any hesitation.

I just cannot recommend both Adam and his courses highly enough.

Neil Irish
Professional Counsellor, Life coach and hypnotherapist
Poole, Dorset

Look no further!

If you want to train with someone who has an incredible depth of knowledge and passion for the subject, who will push you out of your comfort zone and help you realise your potential, then look no further.

When looking to train in hypnotherapy, I contacted Adam and arranged to meet with him to discuss the course. I immediately felt comfortable chatting with him and knew when leaving his office after an hour that he was the right tutor for me.

Having now completed my training, I can say it has been a truly amazing ten months, with many, many laughs. Adam has such a belief and passion for hypnotherapy it is infectious; combine that with the care and desire he has for his students to succeed and you have a winning combination.

Sharon Snelgrove
Hypnotherapist and coach
Ferndown, Dorset

After just completing the HPD 10 month Course with Adam I can honestly say it has changed my life for the better.

After just completing the HPD 10 month Course with Adam I can honestly say it has changed my life for the better.  Not only has it changed me as a person but given me a new career. I found the course so engaging and even though it was hard work it was so interesting and enjoyable and has made me want to learn and develop more. I feel so proud to say that I have been trained by the best and would be very happy to discuss this with anyone who is thinking of joining the course. From a new Geek to the God of Geeks – Thank You!

Mark Williams
Andover, Hampshire

It is no surprise that Adam is one of the preeminent names in the field of hypnosis and hypnosis study in the UK

nick ebdon

It is no surprise that Adam is one of the preeminent names in the field of hypnosis and hypnosis study in the UK and that his college and his courses are considered by many to be industry leaders. Adam’s commitment to the profession and to maintaining his own high standards as a therapist, coach and as a teacher is both exceptional and commendable. While so many of his peers seem happy to dilute, condense and compromise their training material, Adam remains driven and motivated to offer his students the highest level of training possible, supported by extensive scientific research and involving therapeutic approaches that can be utilised in the real world.

As the organiser of the UK Hypnosis Convention, not only was Adam incredibly supportive of the conventions ambitions to raise the standards of the profession, he has been instrumental in it becoming a success, including accepting the invitation to be the keynote speaker in its inaugural year.

Nick Ebdon
Founder and Organiser
UK Hypnosis Convention

Adam is a very knowledgeable teacher and took the time to answer all of my questions

Kristoffer Sanders

I became very interested in Adams work when listening to one of his hypnosis tapes, this subsequently led me to enrol on his course and I was not disappointed.

Adam is a very knowledgeable teacher and took the time to answer all of my questions which were always backed up by supporting evidence which was really important for me to have as previously as I had different views about hypnosis and wanted to challenge them. He made the whole learning process enjoyable with his humour and witty style, I can recall numerous times holding my stomach because I’d laughed so hard. Everything had been structured perfectly so that you didn’t feel you were dominated by information which is really important when you first start researching hypnosis as there’s an abundance of information. Adam’s course has been streamlined for your own ease and supplementary reading is only targeted towards reputable authors so you can rest assured that you’re absorbing only quality information.
The thing is, if you enrol to study with Adam it’s not just the information you’re gaining, Adam promotes critical thinking skills that are crucial for your development as a hypnotherapist as you’re going to be challenged a lot about your views, you’re going to learn more and more about yourself as the course develops and gain some tools along the way which you can apply to your own life.

Since qualifying as a hypnotherapist I have consistently researched and maintained my interest, I put that down to having a great teacher! So if you feel in doubt whether to take that step and enrol remember ‘doing is the origin of confidence’ go for it!

Kristoffer Sanders

This course has giving me a huge amount of knowledge and approaches

Michael Beligiannis

Having finished and qualified Adams 10 month hypnotherapy diploma course I just want to give him a big ten stars thumbs up. I have qualified from other hypnotherapy schools, but nothing I have encountered so far does match this quality. Adams depth of knowledge in hypnotherapy and evidence based approaches is superior. You just have to sit back and suck it up like a sponge. it’s pure gold. This course is definitely not the easy, I just want to get some more hours, kind of training. Don’t do this course if you don’t like to work for it and only like the practical stuff.

After the course I felt like I had been chewed on and put back together. I knew I had to come up with a new way of thinking and a new way of dealing with clients and looking at the approaches I had previously been using. It took some time assembling myself but it was all for the better. Now I feel like I’m back in better shape than ever.

This course has giving me a huge amount of knowledge and approaches. A big theoretical underpinning. The ability think critically. It has given me an ability to kind of meta looking on other approaches and assess why they work or don’t work.

Adam is now one of the references I use the most. When in doubt ask Adam 🙂

Michael Beligiannis

It was the best thing I have ever done and really advanced my existing knowledge and skills

Sarah Mortimer

I attended Adam’s 2016-17 diploma course as an already qualified and practicing hypnotherapist. It was the best thing I have ever done and really advanced my existing knowledge and skills and really changed how I worked with my clients, all of which has led me to achieving better results. I came away from the course well equipped and able to help clients suffering from a much wider range of presenting issues than before. I am certainly a more confident hypnotherapist and individual since completing the course.

Adam is very supportive, encouraging and provided me with many opportunities to challenge myself and to progress further of which I am very grateful for. The course content and Adam’s style of teaching made for a very interesting, entertaining and accessible course that I enjoyed immensely.

I can honestly say that it has been the highest quality, most informative and comprehensive hypnotherapy course I have been on.

I would highly recommend Adam’s course to anyone starting out in the field of hypnotherapy and to those who are already qualified who are seeking a more thorough understanding of the subject.

Sarah Mortimer
Professional Hypnotherapist
Bristol, UK

After extensive research I called Adam to have a chat and thank goodness I did

Claire John

It can be really daunting choosing a hypnotherapy course and I really wanted to get the best possible training and highest qualification I could get. After extensive research I called Adam to have a chat and thank goodness I did. His level of knowledge, experience and dedication to promoting evidence-based practice really challenged my thinking and approach.  There was no decision to be made after that phone call.

My experience on the course was nothing short of life changing.  The training is extremely broad and comprehensive and you’re encouraged to develop your own style, approach and opinion. There is also a real sense of community and support that continues well after you qualify. Since the diploma I’ve gone on to complete several workshops with Adam as well as the Hypnotic Coaching course all of which have been an incredible standard.  I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending this training to anyone who wants to receive a high level of education and have a lot of fun in the process.

Claire John

A True Expert In their Field

Shaan White

I attended Adam Eason’s Hypnotherapy Diploma Course in Bournemouth. Before investing in such a course it was important for me to find someone who was a true expert in their field and someone who I could learn from. Adam has this unique ability to turn what can at times be a very complicated topic into something that is easily digestible, fun and at times even humorous. It is this rare gift that makes Adam Eason easy to recommend. I also suffered several bereavements during the course and Adam’s caring and personable approach gave me the strength I needed to not only successfully complete the Diploma but pass with flying colours. I can only attribute such results down to Adam and his unrivalled support for his students. However make no illusion the course is tough, and this isn’t some sort of quick course you can do just to earn some money on the side. If you have the determination to work hard then you will pass the course.

I also recommend Adam as a fellow Hypnotherapist and trainer as well. I own several of Adam’s recordings and believe the recordings to not only be professionally put together with soothing background and well thought out music, but also very results orientated as well. I certainly do enjoy listening to them.

Shaan White
Brighton, UK

A Whole New Career Path Open To Me

Sally Sayer

Adam would be the first to say that hypnotherapy isn’t magic, but the time I spent on his hypnotherapy 2013/14 diploma course was possibly the most magical time in my life.

In addition to having gained my diploma qualification and having a whole new career path open to me, I have had the support of an inspiring group of self-motivated individuals, acquired some amazing skills, and my previous ‘fears, foibles and phobias’ have vanished.

As with most things in life, you get out what you put in, and there is no upper limit on how much study you can do to enhance your knowledge beyond the minimum requirements for the diploma. But the course is also very experiential. If I hadn’t done Adam’s course I may never have known, for example, that I can experience feelings and sensations as colours or shapes that can be manipulated in my imagination to alter the way I feel. Thank you so much Adam!

Sally Sayer
Oxford, UK

A Well Documented, Effective Array Of Tools And Techniques

Pete Vincent

I have just completed Adam’s 2013-14 10 month Hypnotherapy Diploma Course and I loved it. I am happy I have graduated, but sad that those fun filled, interesting, mind expanding, supportive, friendly learning modules, with my fellow trainee hypnotherapists, are over.
I would highly recommend Adam’s course to anyone who wants to learn about hypnotherapy in a down to Earth, balanced way, free to adopt their own take on the subject without being forced to follow one particular way of thinking. Anyone doing this course will not only improve their own lives as a result of doing some of the tasks along the way, they will also be very well equipped and able to help other people using a well documented, effective array of tools and techniques. I particularly liked Adam’s sense of humour and style of teaching as well as meeting loads of new friends.

Pete Vincent
Bradford-On-Avon, UK

My self-esteem and confidence has never been higher!

Theresa Carter

I have just qualified as a Hypnotherapist with Adam Eason’s school and I can honestly say this course has completely changed my life, not only has this course provided me with all the knowledge and tools to work with to be a competent Hypnotherapist; it has helped me to truly develop and grow as a person. My self-esteem and confidence has never been higher! I cannot recommended this school enough

Theresa Carter
Reading, Berkshire

Has A Wonderful Unique Approach

Catherine Young

When I was looking for a Hypnotherapy Diploma course, I spent a lot of time researching different courses, and it was Adam’s course that stood out above all others for me.

The course content was what attracted me to Adam’s course, as it had a wonderful balance of NLP, hypnotherapy, not just theoretical teachings but a lot of practical elements too.

When I embarked on the Diploma Course I knew nothing, absolutely nothing about NLP and I had experienced a little hypnotherapy as a client. Adam listened and helped further explain whatever anyone on the course had difficulty in grasping. He puts so much time, his wonderful energy and expertise and has a wonderful unique approach making learning so much more fun.

Everything I learnt on the course from a theoretical point of view was backed up by Adam with practical work. My confidence grew and continually grows from the encouragement and group support also.

As Adam attracts individuals from all over, those studying his Diploma are a wonderful mix of people… I have made many long-term friends on this course as well as the confidence to go out in the wide world and make a difference to other people’s lives as hypnotherapy has done so far in my life and I hope continues to do so as I have a wonderful career ahead of me.
Thank you so much Adam for your encouragement and belief in me, to get me where I am today.

Catherine Young
Bristol, UK

Skillful And Passionate Hypnotherapy

DR. Ken Chui

If only Clinical Hypnotherapy as so skillfully and passionately taught by Adam Eason is available on prescription on the NHS, we will be saving millions of much needed funds that could be directed to other services.

Patients with such chronic and immensely challenging conditions- both for the patients and clinicians alike- such as Anxiety,Depression,IBS,Chronic Pain Syndromes and Insomnia to name just a few, will benefit hugely from skills that they can learn and use to help themselves and others.

Then and only then, will we have a truly world class health and well being NHS service that we can be all proud of.

It’s time to move away from over- reliance on drugs and medications and bring back self efficacy

DR. Ken Chui
GP with Special Interest in Integrative Medicine

The Most Inspirational Speaker In Hypnotherapy

Linda Bromage

The most inspirational trainer in clinical and scientific evidence based hypnotherapy in the UK today. Do not waste your money training anywhere else if you are serious about hypnotherapy.

Linda Bromage
BSc(hons)Clinical Hypnosis. Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy Practitioner. PhD Researcher.

High Quality And Thought Provoking

James Brown

Adam Eason delivers high quality, thought provoking and, above all, field-tested hypnotherapy training. His playful yet professional manner engages the listener in such a way that time flies while you learn. Personally, I could listen and watch him all day.

James Brown
Professional Opportunist, Speaker, Author, Performer

Knowledgable, Dynamic, Fun and a Master

Richard Ellis

I had been searching for some time for a Hypnotherapy training course that would complement my existing skills when I came across Adams Web site. Immediately I felt he was just the person for me, knowledgable, dynamic, fun and a master of his own craft. I was not disappointed.

From the offset Adam sets the pace which is incredible. I found myself swept along by his enthusiasm and was eager to meet the high standards he sets both for himself and his students. Adam’s course was everything I imagined it would be and more. I was challenged, tested and found out more about myself in 10 months than I had in many years of self reflection.

The environment provided support and encouragement at all times and Adam goes beyond the call of duty with his time to ensure everyone’s needs are met. I have met a great cross section of people who have become dear friends and to top it off I am now a capable Hypnotherapist with a growing practice. I can’t recommend Adam highly enough.

Richard Ellis
Bournemouth, UK

A Wealth Of Information On Hypnotherapy

Jon Abbott

After searching for some time for a high quality course in hypnotherapy Adam Eason was recommended to me by a homeopath who had heard Adam speak at a business event. They were so impressed they couldn’t praise Adam highly enough. When I contacted Adam and was immediately impressed by his professionalism and personable nature so much so I decided this was the course for me.

Adam approaches teaching his course with an infectious enthusiasm, imparting a wealth of information on hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming, subjects of which Adam is a cornucopia of knowledge.

Adam delivers this an action packed course (yes, you will be required to get up and get involved) with congruence and integrity, sharing from his vast professional and personal experiences, giving you invaluable skills as both a therapist and as a human being.

As well as giving you a thorough grounding in all the elements to become a skilled hypnotherapist Adam divulges many skills from the world of coaching and NLP which you then put into practise with your classmates making for a highly informative hands on and fun learning environment.

Take note, this course with Adam is life changing. You will be challenged as an individual, and in learning the therapeutic techniques Adam teaches, will discover new and interesting things about yourself, those around you and your interaction with your world. Over the 10 months of training with Adam I know myself and others on the course experienced wonderful and profound change which is a great way to learn and will allow you to apply the skills learnt all the better with your future clients.

Jon Abbott
Aukland, New Zealand

Exceeded Even My Own Expectations

Alan Herbert

Having just completed Adam’s 10 Month Hypnotherapy Diploma Course, I can say what a fantastic journey it has been.

I started out with the intention of learning how to use Hypnotherapy to help others, and whilst I have exceeded even my own expectations where this is concerned, it is almost a by product compared to how much I have come to understand myself.

For anyone with an interest in being able to help and support others, or with an even greater wish to understand and appreciate who they are, this course is a must have.

I can only thank Adam and his charismatic style, for opening my eyes to the rich benefits of Hypnotherapy.

If you do just one thing for yourself this year — let it be this course.

Alan Herbert
London, UK

Well Worth The Time Invested

James Coakes

I saw Adam speak at the Bournemouth Ecademy and he is excellent, well worth the time invested. He delivers interesting material in a style that reminded me of a top level stand up comedian and it works well.

James Coakes
The Team Building Company
Ringwood, Hants, UK

Depth And Passion

Tom Evans

Adam is one of the best, if not the best and most entertaining, speakers I have seen at an event. Beneath his light hearted presentation, of which many a stand-up comic would be proud, Adam shows much depth and passion for research and understanding into the human condition.

Tom Evans
Author - 100 Years Of Ermintrude

Demystifying Hypnosis And Its Use In Business

David Nunn

Adam gave one of the most inspiring and informative presentations to Weybridge Ecademy Club members demystifying hypnosis and its use in business. We were very impressed with his knowledge and insight into the human condition. His delivery certainly gave the members food for thought as well as a better understanding of what hypnosis is about and what it can do to help you personally and in business. If you are an aspiring stand up comedian, watch out for Adam who enjoys watching you amongst the audience.

David Nunn
Weybridge Academy Club Leader

Discovering My Abilities Daily

Ruth Saint

Becoming a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist is for me the biggest achievement to date. It is a very demanding course and there is a huge amount of coursework. There hasn’t been one day that I haven’t been pulled out of my comfort zone. I am amazed at how much I have achieved and how much I have progressed and grown as a person, and am still discovering my abilities daily.

Adam is an excellent tutor who adds a lot of humour to his teaching, many a class was filled with roars of laughter and I will miss them so much. As a tutor Adam is very honest and will bring out the very best in you — he’s dynamic, enthusiastic and will help you out in any way he can. In between sessions, he is at the end of the phone (when possible) and will always give you the benefit of his knowledge and expertise.

My choice to go with Adam was definitely for me the correct decision, and I will continue to have Adam as my supervisor.

Adam is much, much more than just a tutor, he is an outstanding teacher and an exceptional kind and helpful person who will be there to support you not only during the course, but long after.
Thank you, from one of your newly qualified students.

Ruth Saint

Richard Tyler

Richard Tyler

It is a rare occurrence to experience people that offer over and above the basics. Well, Adam Eason exceeds all expectations and sets the bar very high. Adam is a powerhouse of skill, knowledge, credibility, insight, energy and fun! If you undertake his Hypnotherapy Diploma, be prepared to have your world rocked.

I looked around to find a course that was rigorous and challenging. I didn’t want a certificate for just being a bum on a seat. I certainly made the right choice. I left the programme feeling equipped and ready to work with clients. Adam does everything within his power to help you get to where you want. The rest is up to you! If you have a chance to train with Adam, seize it!

Richard Tyler
Director Of BTFI LTD
Bournemouth, UK

Richard Ingate

richard ingate

The first thing I want to say is that this is a brilliant course. I can see why a prerequisite is being a qualified hypnotherapist, as a reasonable level of technique regarding inductions and deepeners was assumed, and it was in fact lovely to see people from such a wide variety of previous trainings all working together with their own hypnotic skills and styles! Adam presented a robust and coherent model of how hypnosis worked both in itself and within/from a cognitive behavioural approach – which was far from merely putting hypnosis and CBT in the same sentence – it was in fact taking hypnosis back to its roots and building it back up with a firmly evidence based framework. With such a framework in place Adam then showed us how to build a total structure for doing cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy that integrated the rationale (of how and why hypnosis and a cognitive behavioural approach work together so well,) with ways of assessing clients and then taking us through, and getting us to practise some of the most useful cognitive behavioural interventions within hypnosis. For me there was more. As well as learning a new model, as well as learning new techniques to use with clients, I found by accident that I had new skills for my own benefit. I spontaneously found myself applying the thought disputation questioning methods to my own anxious thoughts and feelings as I watched the coach for my return journey drive past without stopping to pick me up! All in all a splendid course that equipped me with a far deeper understanding of how to work with hypnotherapy for the benefit of my clients and that immerses the students in the hypnotic mindset. Thank you, Adam!

Richard Ingate
hypnotherapist, coach.

Inspiring and well thought out

Elisa Di Napoli

I found Adam’s course (CBH) inspiring and well thought out. Adam is very well read and knowledgeable in the subject and far exceeded my expectations. He walks the talk and therefore is a good model as a teacher; he communicated in a way that was approachable and understandable, without any un-needed jargon, while at the same time maintaining a very high standard of teaching. As a result of the course I found a renewed enthusiasm in reading and learning as well as applying the material to real case studies. I found the course to be helpful at a practical level in allowing me to find an underpinning rationale to my practice as well as allowing me to personally overcome blocks in my own personal development, thereby giving me further proof of the efficacy of the treatments. The course will require a student to read and study well in order to become fully proficient as a cognitive behavioural hypnotherapist and introduces the delegates to the best texts and sources of information for further reading and learning. I fully recommend Adam’s courses. He is a true professional as well as someone enjoyable and fun to talk to.

Elisa Di Napoli
BAHonsComp.Rel. Grad.Dip.Mus, Adv.Dip.Hypnotherapy by Hypnotherapy Institute of Northern California,HPD by National Hypnotherapy Council, Accredited by NCH UK and member of CNHC.

Adam is my no. 1 recommendation

James Tripp

When people ask me who to train in hypnotherapy with in the UK, Adam is my no. 1 recommendation every time!

James Tripp
Adam is a fantastic tutor and hypnotherapist. He is knowledgeable about the subject and an absolute pleasure to train with.
Faye Broxton
Faye Broxton
I trained with Adam in 2009 and have been working as a hypnotherapist ever since. Adams's course is thorough and gives you confidence. He is always positive and enthusiastic and I consider him to be at the very top of field. His ongoing support after qualifying is fantastic. Thank you Adam ?
Bunny Besley
Bunny Besley
Adam is a great teacher, and provides a superb range of material, vast knowledge, and detailed examination of Hypnosis. He is a at the cutting edge of hypnosis research in this country, and its an absolute pleasure to recommend his courses.
Jack Silver
Jack Silver
Adam obviously gets five stars from me. He is a very sharp and humerus educater and his teachings also have a lot of depth. I resently revisited a recording of his hypno coaching program only to learn just as much the second time around. Multi level teaching is awesome, and Adam apparently does it well. ?
Martin Pedersen Stub
Martin Pedersen Stub
An excellent evidence-based course on the many applications of therapeutic hypnosis. I waited many years for my spot on this course, and I definitely do not regret the wait!
Jens Fallgren
Jens Fallgren
There's plenty of online and presential courses out there but Adam's stands out. I completed my training in 2020 and if you are looking for an ethical, professional and up-to-date training then I recommend Adam's course 100%. Adam is noted for his research and work in the field of hypnotherapy and has the ability to give training (in the most beautiful setting in Bournemouth) with sensitivity and wit. Training at AECTH has been life-changing for me both on a professional and personal level.
Amanda Mandry (Picachu Queen)
Amanda Mandry (Picachu Queen)
I'm studying the Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma and it is fantastic. Adam has a great sense of humour that he weaves into his teaching. Knowledgeable, experienced, fun and there's lots of opportunities to practice hypnotherapy in the class. There's lots of support too. Adam has produced a lot of valuable content that we have access to while we are learning. I'm really enjoying the course and I will be sad when we finish. The classroom assistants - previous students are all great and really helpful. I've made some lovely friends from the course. Well done Adam for putting it all together and making it so enjoyable.
Charlotte Jane Grimaldi Phillips
Charlotte Jane Grimaldi Phillips
Having had a lifelong interest in hypnosis, I decided, in 2008, to train as a hypnotherapist. However, the training left me disappointed and disillusioned, with the training heavily reliant on Freudian theories and an all-seeing, all-knowing subconscious mind. It felt all smoke and mirrors and pseudo-science. Despite my earlier experience, I retained an interest in hypnosis, hoping that there must be something more credible “out there.” It was during this period that I came across Adam’s work. His style of presenting hypnosis resonated with me almost immediately, and, through his work, I came to realize that there was much more “out there” in the form of scientific research and approach. More than a decade after my first training, I finally decided to retrain with Adam in Bournemouth, travelling down from London each month. I was not disappointed. Adam’s teaching is thorough and current, and is presented with humour, going through the history and the various theories of hypnosis that have dogged and confused the subject for many years, rather than just teaching “Adam’s way,” as seems to be the case in many schools. The course then progresses quickly, with evidence-based therapeutic techniques and applications taught. Adam makes the classes fun, presenting the coursework with a quirky sense of humour and a liberal sprinkling of sci-fi references. The classes are thorough and supported by extensive course notes and there are lots of practical exercises for the students to work on with each other and experience what is being taught, firsthand. The students are taught to think for themselves and not rely on uniform scripts. Throughout the 10 months and beyond, Adam is generous with his time and knowledge to help and guide students. If you are thinking of training to be a hypnotherapist, you can’t do better than enroll onto Adam’s training courses. They are second to none and spending a weekend a month by the seaside is an added bonus.
Gary Uk
Gary Uk
To say that hypnotherapy was a life-changing experience for me would be a massive understatement! I now have, for the past 7 years, a career that brings me so much joy and empowerment knowing that I make a difference in other people's lives! The knowledge that i gained about the subject of Hypnotherapy and NLP and other modalities was truly eye-opening! Taught by Adam Eason, in a friendly and authoratative way gained by his many years as a top Hypnotherapist and great human being! The lessons were always fun and enlightening and made you think about life in a totally different way and uplifting your spirit! I would wholeheartedly recommend this Anglo European College of Therapeutic Hypnosis and Adam Eason. Do it and you will never look back!
Derek Fraser Crosson Hypnotherapy
Derek Fraser Crosson Hypnotherapy
Well wow! That was an experience! What am I talking about? Being a student of Adam Eason on his Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy and NLP Practitioner Courses, that’s what! I chose Adam and his College, The Anglo-European College of Therapeutic Hypnotherapy to do my studies because, following a goodly amount of research, I discovered that Adam is a leading light in the clinical and therapeutic hypnotherapy world and is highly regarded by his peers. He teaches students at Bournemouth University about the subject at Masters level and he is also a researcher of clinical hypnotherapy at the same University. His credentials are impeccable. He has strived to improve the perception and practices of the hypnotherapy profession for pretty much all of the 20+ years he has been working in the field. And he employs his approach to his own college and students. He takes a scientific and evidential approach to his own studies and to his lectures delivered to you, the student. He gives you alternative perspectives to his own so that you can become fully rounded in your own developing knowledge and understanding of the subject. This makes you, the student, a better practitioner which means your clients will receive a better therapy service from you. And ultimately that’s what it’s all about isn’t it?! Doing our very best for our clients using the most proven techniques to give them the tools to support and enjoy a better quality of life. That’s why I chose Adam and his College. Because, in my opinion, he’s the best out there. The experience has been fabulous. He and his classroom assistants give of their best to the students. They are receptive to your needs and adapt accordingly. They make all sessions fun. And then there are your fellow students. What can I say?! My cohort were just wonderful. Such caring, giving and supportive people. A joy to learn with and practice newly learned knowledge and techniques together. I’ve made a whole bunch of new friends and I know these friendships will go on and on. Joy ?. So, if you’re looking for a serious and properly researched and evidenced course in clinical hypnotherapy that meets all the requirements of the governments nationally recognised occupational standards and which is delivered in an engaging and entertaining way by someone who is hugely knowledgeable and academically sound in the subject then choose Adam Eason and his College. Because he, and you, are worth it!
The Divine Mrs S
The Divine Mrs S