UK Hypnosis Convention Video Sets

Adam Eason

How it started

When we took over the UK Hypnosis Convention in 2019,
I chose to film the main lecture theatre with the aim of sharing the presentations with my students and graduates.
All the videos are found in my hypnotherapist development hub.

However, more and more people have asked to purchase and see the videos, so I have made them available. I host them on my college server as they are part of my hub, and that is the reason they are purchased via my college and not the convention (though I am the owner/organiser of both).

There are 60 hours of video lectures and presentations here, covering a broad range of topics, delivered by leading academics, researchers, authors, clinicians and trainers.
Here on this page, you can purchase the video sets for 2019, 2022, 2023 or all 3 together for a discount.

What we did!

With this in mind, please note these videos are not professionally put together at all, they do not have high quality sound and are not edited, I have been reticent to make them available for purchase – they offer basic production levels but offer a great deal of education from some of the finest hypnosis presenters. Here on this page, you can purchase the video sets for 2019, 2022, 2023 or all 3 together for a discount.

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UKHC Videos

The presentations listed below are what’s included in each of the sets:


  • Jorgen Rasmussen – No Self, No Problem
  • Anthony Jacquin – The self-hypnosis laboratory
  • Michael C. Anthony – How to Build your Hypnosis Business with Public Performances
  • Tim Box – Practical ways of working without trance
  • Sean Michael Andrews – The Dave Elman Induction
  • Freddy Jacquin – Everyday applications of hypnosis that anyone can use.
  • Fredric Mau – The Three Doors
  • Gary Turner – Working Effectively with Anger
  • Kev Sheldrake – Hacking Hypnosis – From Practice To Theory
  • Adam Eason – Hypnosis Quirkology
  • Dr Ben Parris – How effortless is responding to suggestions?
  • James Tripp – Chaos Theory and Hypnosis
  • Prof. Zoltan Dienes – Phenomenological control as cold control
  • Dr Michael Heap – Hypnosis in Court
  • Dr Devin Terhune – The cognitive neuroscience of the highly suggestible person
  • Mike Mandel – Metaphors Be With You!
  • Graham Webber – Helping with the front line
  • James Brown – Freedom to Induce
  • Eugen Popa – Belief and Habit Deconstruction
  • David Shephard – The Business Of Therapy
  • Felix Economakis – The 4Rs – hypnosis-like results without hypnosis (live demo not from the audience)
  • Nick Kemp – All the way through the looking glass with Provocative Change Work


  • Kate Beaven-Marks – EMDR Tools for Hypnotherapists
  • Turan Mirza – Practical Tips for Starting out With Street Hypnosis
  • Rob De Groof – Mentalism for Hypnotherapists
  • Kev Sheldrake – The Science of Hypnotic Induction
  • James Brown – From Magic to Science and Back Again
  • David Bolton – The Bolton Induction and Rapid Change Technique
  • Richard Hill – Mirroring Hands: An Effective Therapy for Every Client
  • Dr Russell Thackeray – Measuring Therapy Results
  • Dr Éva Bányai – Basic Research With an Interactional Perspective on the Nature of Hypnosis
  • Devin Terhune – Revisiting the link between Verbal Suggestion, Hypnosis, and Psychopathology
  • Adam Eason – Self-hypnosis: The Bournemouth Paradigm
  • Peter Naish- Why Hypnosis Facilitates Recovery From PTSD
  • Irving Kirsch – Using Hypnosis as a Non-Deceptive Extra-Strength Placebo
  • Peter Whorwell – IBS: Challenges and Treatment
  • Fredric Mau and Teny Henry Gomez MD – Hypnotic Technology for Pain Relief at Home
  • Sheila Granger – A 15 Point Essential Business Checklist to Thrive Post-pandemic
  • Howard Cooper – The Willingness Ladder
  • Christopher Green – Overpowered!
  • Martin S Taylor – Stage Hypnosis – Theory and Practice
  • Tracey Grist – Discovering the True Self
  • Artur Makiela – Stage Hypnosis Behind the Scenes
  • Damon Cart – Making Transformation Predictable


  • Joni Neidigh – Gold Medal Mental Toughness for Athletes
  • James Tripp – NLP – A Critical Appraisal
  • Fredric Mau – Superhero Regression
  • Dan Jones – The Art of Trance-Formative Tales
  • Undine de Rivière – Recreational Erotic Hypnosis
  • Gary Turner – Stripping Back the Magic
  • Howard Cooper – The Most Common Yet MOST Mistreated Symptom Of Anxiety…
  • Garry Coles – Conducting Academic Research into Hypnosis
  • Kev Sheldrake – On The Modification Of Suggestibility
  • Professor Amanda Barnier – Unravelling the Mysteries of Hypnotic Ability: A Componential Approach
  • Professor Zoltan Dienes – The role of phenomenological control in constructing experience
  • Professor Steven Jay Lynn – Hypnosis in Personal Perspective: Looking Backwards and a Glimpse Forward
  • Dr Elvira Lang – Rapid Hypnotic Techniques for Frontline Healthcare Providers
  • Mark Davis – Hypno-CBT® – integrating the wise, the magical, the ancient and the scientific
  • Claude Andre Ribaux – Bye-bye pain, LongCovid or other chronic problems through the use of flow
  • Tim Box – The IMduction
  • Sheila Granger – The 15 SECRETS that Super-Successful Hypnotherapists use to Build Their Practice
  • Andrew Newton – A Subversive’s View of Hypnosis and Therapy
  • Dr Paulina Trevena – Aphantasia – what is it and why should we even care?
  • Dr Fredric Mau – Closing Keynote – The Brain Shows the Way

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UKHC Videos