Hypnotic Coaching Online Course

“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.”

Maya Angelou

“Everyone needs a coach.”

Eric Schmidt

Executive Chairman, Google

We are currently offering this course for half it’s usual fee as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Download the prospectus using the boxes on this page and we’ll send on the full details immediately.

Additionally, anyone who invests in this advanced diploma course will receive the full video footage of our online diploma course also. Regardless of your existing background, this ensures that you are fully prepared and ready for this specialist course. I recognise you’ll already have diploma level hypnotherapy training – the access to our diploma course helps to make sure that some of the material that I take for granted when teaching this hypnotic coaching course is all material that you are familiar with and hopefully it will result in a more enjoyable learning experience, a deeper quality of education and an exceptional, comprehensive learning experience for you as a result.

You are required to have a diploma level qualification for entry onto this accredited course.

As well as being accredited CPD with the NCH and GHR, you will receive a Certification and be able to use the title ‘Hypnotic Coach’ studied the online videos and completed of the case study based coursework.

What is hypnotic coaching?

I think of it as transformational life coaching that is turbo charged. Deep, powerful transformational coaching gets combined and punctuated with hypnosis and hypnotherapy skills to enable the hypnotic coach to work with very different people than hypnotherapists typically do. Let me explain a bit more.

Powerful, Profound, Deep Transformational Coaching

“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.” – Maya Angelou

This is a favourite quote of mine and one which guides me at times.    I encounter lots of people who love this quote and for whom it makes a lot of sense, but do not feel it. That is, they do not feel as if they are truly excelling, or they have perhaps reached a plateau in life and are ready to move on to the next level in their own personal evolution. Hypnotic coaching helps people looking to do just that.

According to Eric Schmidt, the executive chairman of Google “Everyone needs a coach.”

I have a coach. If you want to achieve in sports, you have a coach. When you want to sing well, you have a coach. When you want to act well, you have a coach. When you want to achieve more, you have a coach.

Coaching is now recognised more and more as an essential element in anyone’s personal and professional development and more companies than ever have their leaders and executives coached. The vast majority of people I know who truly thrive in life have a coach. This is a vast market place that hypnotherapists can tap into as a result of the skills and knowledge learned on this five day course.

Some of the problems that hypnotherapists face today are overcome with hypnotic coaching:

– Hypnotherapists spend all day working with clients who have therapeutic issues such as depression, anxiety, pain and as a result it can be tough and challenging for the therapist not to be weighed down by it; some even burnout if not supported and supervised effectively. A hypnotic coach works with people looking to achieve more, who are often already in a good place in life, and who want to take their life to the next level. It is upbeat with an often lighter tone that is refreshing and helps punctuate the hypnotherapists working week with something quite different. This can be an invigorating tonic for a hypnotherapist.

– Hypnotherapists often work in a limited provincial market place, competing with numerous other local hypnotherapists for clients. Hypnotic coaching opens the world up for you, you can work with anyone, anywhere.

– Hypnotherapy is typically a brief therapy that means hypnotherapists are required to keep seeking out new clients. Hypnotic coaching is a longer term process whereby you develop a longer term working relationship with your paying coaching clients. Most coaches work with their clients for a minimum of 3 months and many I know have 12 month contracts with their coaching clients.

– Once a client is healed, the hypnotherapy quite rightly comes to an end. With hypnotic coaching, the opportunity exists to keep on reaching higher and looking for more to achieve and successfully actualise in life. You are likely to work together for longer.

– There are less ‘affordability’ issues or financial ethics concerns. Most of the time, success as a result of working with a hypnotic coach results in the coaching client being rewarded financially (through promotions or business innovation, for example) and are happy to maintain the relationship without financial quibbles. What’s more, hypnotic coaches do tend to charge much higher fees for their coaching work than the fees charged by therapists.

Hypnotic coaching is incredibly effective and can add another revenue stream to the hypnotherapists income. Learning hypnotic coaching helps you to expand your business and ethically increase the time you spend with rewarding, achieving, positive clients.

Additionally, as alluded to earlier here, hypnotic coaching tends to be more upbeat, more active and quite a contrast to the typical therapeutic environment – it can serve as quite a tonic and subsequently helps the hypnotherapist to be even more effective when working with therapy clients.

With hypnotic coaching, your clients are people who are healthy, well and simply want to be better, achieve more, take their life to the next level. This course gives you the tools and structure to add to your existing hypnotherapy skills and open up a whole new exciting world of possibility.

Hypnotic coaching is totally portable and can be conducted from anywhere in the world that you have access to a phone or the internet, technology ensures that our potential client base is everyone and anyone who is connected – and we are currently more connected to the world than at any previous point in history. It makes absolute sense for us to capitalise upon that – and reach out and help more people achieve their dreams.

The Training

This training course has a number of practical skills offered that you also get to apply to yourself and as a result can be highly beneficial personally and help you develop your business further and take action to enhancing your own life at the same time.

Additionally though, this course also shows you how to find coaching clients, how to establish effective client systems

Here is a small taste of what you’ll learn on this course:

– A wide and comprehensive range of coaching techniques and strategies from a mixed and diverse range of therapy disciplines, psychology schools and coaching backgrounds.

– A whole new world of questioning techniques drawn from diverse fields that form a core component of effective coaching.

– How to market your hypnotic coaching and how to develop your business in such a way that it brings you an ongoing additional revenue stream.

– A guideline for how to structure a course of hypnotic coaching with your clients so that you maximise the effectiveness of your coaching sessions.

– How to incorporate your existing hypnotism skills into your coaching work.

– A number of coaching specific communication skills that will bring out the best in your clients.

– Key principles that underpin a successful coaching relationship; you’ll learn how to use humour, provocation, as well as knowing how to give your client the truth that everybody else is afraid to tell them.

– You’ll learn evidence-based techniques, popular coaching strategies and you’ll also learn what the most effective, pioneering and impressive coaches in the world do in their sessions.

– How to format coaching sessions and how to structure a programme of coaching to meet the needs of your client and make sure that it serves them in the best way possible.

– How to create winning proposals for prospective clients and ensure that you convert as many opportunities into paying clients as possible.

Online Format

The online course contains videos taken of the classroom teaching.  It includes sections of formal teaching where underlying rationale, theory and principles are taught, demonstrated and explored. It has equal amounts of practical applications and opportunities to apply the skills.

The nature of the subject in reflected in the way we teach this course. The course is upbeat, interactive, open, with a lot of fun exercises that punctuate the teaching and demonstrations.  We have a community website where you will be able to meet other students and organise sessions online – via skype etc to practice the skills.

Adam teaches all of this course and will communicate with you via phone, skype or hangouts..

Learning Materials

You get a manual and lots of handouts as well as being guided towards articles, papers, and core texts that will help you to become an effective hypnotic coach.


You’ll receive your certification having studied the online course materials, actively participated in practical exercises and completed the coursework.

The coursework comprises of 4 hypothetical case studies and 2 real-life case studies.

Course Fees

Contact our offices with any queries.

Use the email address given on this website or call our offices: 01202 526977 or 0044 1202 526977 (outside UK)

Course Investment:
A single payment of £550.00 plus VAT (total £660.00)