“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do, so throw off the bowlines, sail away from safe harbor, catch the trade winds in your sails.  Explore, Dream, Discover.” –Mark Twain

If you are a qualified hypnotherapist, then the Anglo European College of Therapeutic Hypnosis would like to offer you the opportunity to do just as the Mark Twain quote suggests and truly immerse yourself in this field while you explore, dream and discover…..

This is a blog entry announcement that precedes the full launch of this programme. Here I explain what this programme is all about and will make you an offer right at the end. This programme will then be launched in full in the next week as you’ll see it offered on this website.

Great Hypnotherapy Training for Continued Professional Development:

– Gain an advanced further education from one of the world’s leading hypnotherapy colleges.
– Develop your own business at the same time and be able to offer your clients a broader range of services and higher level of expertise.
– You get ongoing personal support throughout a prolonged period of time.
– This package offers great value because of discounted cost of a collection of world class trainings.

For any hypnotherapist looking to be at the very top of the field, looking to maximise their knowledge, build and advance skills, then this is an opportunity to do that.

We offer a substantial discount on course fees with our season pass. When you invest in a season pass, you can study any or all of our online training courses at whatever pace you choose throughout the next 30 months. You’ll have access to the following:

1. Our full hypnotherapy practitioner diploma (HPD) course. You are already a trained hypnotherapist, however, all diploma training courses are not the same and they tend to vary in quality, content and adherence to evidence base. Here you get to see how we run our full HPD programme, matching national occupational standards, adhering to science and evidence base as much as possible and drawing upon a wide range of therapeutic modalities that advance the skills offered by a hypnotherapist.

2. Our Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy (CBH) certification course. Cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy is not simply CBT combined with hypnosis. In fact Cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy predates CBT in the way it was developed by Beck and Ellis. It is an evidence based approach, grounded in solid principles and within this certification course you’ll learn a great deal that will inform your practice and advance your skills.

2. Our Advanced Hypnotherapist diploma course. This extensive course meets and exceeds the GHSC requirements for being an officially accredited advanced hypnotherapist qualification. It has major focus on academic argumentation, critical thinking, research dissemination, cognitive bias and advanced examination of theory in the first half. Then in the second half it explores much more advanced practical applications of hypnotherapy with a range of techniques, strategies and approaches as well as examination of how hypnosis is applied to a number of advanced issues and ailments.

3. Our Hypnotic Coaching Course. This course is quite different from anything else we run here at the college. With coaching, you are moving away from therapeutic aspects of hypnosis and applying your skill set to advancing performance and helping others to achieve more. This opens up a potential large revenue stream and can be a refreshing change and approach for a busy hypnotherapist. We examine many different types of coaching and the principles underpinning them, we then examine and learn the skill set of an effective coach and how to import hypnosis to advance the coaching approach.

4. Our Hypnotherapist business development academy programme. As well as there being several information packed modules showing you how to develop your business in a wide variety of ways, there are additional highly detailed resources such as our book writing course, our materials on personality marketing, product development, social media mastery and much more besides.

5. Our Rapid Inductions and Hypnotic Phenomena seminars. Originally developed with an award winning magician and renowned TV performer, this presentation imports the skill set of street and stage hypnosis and makes it relevant, useful and appropriate to the hypnotherapist. You’ll learn a wide number of induction processes and how to elicit a wide range of hypnotic phenomena effects that will fit into any hypnotherapuetic approach.

6. Our Science of Self-hypnosis seminars. Based upon the work featured in my book of the same name, and built upon within my own PhD studies, this presentation offers a very evidence based approach to self-hypnosis and also contains a wonderful skill set for the practitioner and the client alike. All your clients will benefit from being taught this self-hypnosis skill set to advance self-efficacy while you are working with them.

7. A range of additional lectures, presentations, interviews, audio tracks are also included within this package; all things which will further your education, add value, depth and dimension to what you can offer the world.

These courses have been formulated and delivered by me, Adam Eason, one of the world’s leading educators, lecturers and trainers in this field. Great amounts of time, resource and effort have been invested in putting together these courses and we are very proud to offer them to you.

All of these individual online course if purchased one at a time would usually come to a total of over £4500.00. The season pass for access to all of these courses is just £2000.00 plus Vat. We also offer a payment plan to spread the costs for a slight premium – get in touch with me to discuss this.

Please note, this 30 month season pass for this suite of online courses is only available to those who are already qualified hypnotherapists.

Here on this college website, you can read about each of the individual courses included in this programme, you can download the prospectus forms for each course and see the depth of what is included in each one. There is no repetition, each course is completely different from the others, though at times draws upon information taught within our diploma programme.

Upon completion of required coursework and case studies, each course offers an additional qualification that is accredited by the major hypnotherapy associations.

In the next two and a half years, our season pass will help you to do the following:

– Be perceived by your professional peers and prospective clients as an expert in this field.
– Become a published author.
– Train and become qualified as an evidence based Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist.
– Add coaching to your existing skills and work with individuals looking to achieve more instead of just therapy clients, and add an additional revenue stream to your earnings.
– Develop your hypnotherapy business so that it really fulfils your ambition and dreams.
– Expand your knowledge so that all you meet are impressed and perceive you as credible.
– Develop your skills so that you are more effective, have more successful outcomes with clients and generate more referred business.
– Discover the joy and the expanse of the evidence base that exists in the field of hypnotherapy.
– Create more, serve more, love more and be more excited about your work.
– Engage with a vibrant, supportive and open minded hypnotherapist community here at the college – you’ll make professional and personal friends with leading peers.
– And More

Hypnotherapy Diploma Required:
You must have a hypnotherapy diploma already and must provide copies of your qualification as evidence.

Full Qualifications as laid out in Prospectus Forms:
You will gain the full qualifications given in any of the online courses whereby you have completed the coursework and case study requirements. Your work will demonstrate that you have achieved the learning outcomes for each course.

Comprehensive Course Materials:
You’ll receive materials for each of the courses which includes the class slides, full comprehensive manuals, handouts as well as all the video footage. This season pass offers you two and a half years (30 months) of the most up-to-date, cutting edge and comprehensive education in the field of hypnotherapy, coaching and business development for hypnotherapists.

Ongoing Education:
You may have heard the expression, often attributed to the Greek Philosopher Aristotle, that “the whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts.” When you think of a house, it has a wide number of individual components that were used for it’s construction; bricks, cement, wood, tiles, panes of glass and so on. Yet when it is painted, carpeted, and subsequently lived in and adorned with the love and adornments of those who dwell in it, it becomes more than the sum of it’s construction components. It becomes a home that is valued much more on a number of different levels.

Likewise, I believe that committing yourself to ongoing education, taking measurable action, having opportunities and possibilities as well as guidance and support that we offer up with this season pass is exponentially more than simply being able to study a number of courses. Understanding is developed, knowledge is expanded vastly, skills are advanced in ways that isolated trainings can not compete with. With this Season Pass we offer you that, and I think you’ll discover much, much more besides.

Please check out the web pages and download the prospectuses of all of the courses, and online events you can study using your Training Pass.

This pass is not fully live yet, we launch with it shortly – if you read this far and are interested, get in touch with me – the first 5 people who take us up on this pass before it is officially launched in the next week, will receive a 25% discount on the fees if paid in a single payment.