Following much debate and discussion of hypnosis research and approach to evidence-based hypnotherapy on my personal hypnosis blog recently, lots of hypnosis students and hypnotherapists asked me about the best places to go and start finding research and resources about hypnotherapy, and I thought it might be useful to share what I wrote with those of you interested. I think that if you’ve had really good quality hypnotherapy training, you should not need to ask someone like me for those kinds of resources because your hypnotherapy training school or college ought to have provided all of that (ooof, quick dig!), nonetheless, I recommend the following:

1. Getting quality training first and foremost, in particular building on top of basic hypnotherapy diploma training courses (you can read about our hypnotherapy diploma here) which are often lacking in depth of research. Here are a brilliant couple of advanced courses by a wonderful training organisation:

a) Advanced Hypnotherapy diploma course. Requires you to have a diploma level hypnotherapy qualification in order to attend.

b) Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy course. Again, requires a hypnotherapy diploma in order to attend.

c) Or have a look at our online hypnotherapy training resource which has an enormous depth of research and education included in it.

d) If you wish to study our hypnotherapy diploma but do not wish to attend class, you can also do our full hypnotherapy diploma in the comfort of your own home now too, with our online hypnotherapy diploma training course.

2. Read this Hypnosis Research thread at my hub, it has a variety of sources of where I’d go to seek out research in this field, and to a lesser extent, this thread about hypnosis research paper subscriptions.

Our hypnosis hub is completely free to register for and access.

3. Read this article I wrote about my top ten hypnotherapy text books and the reasons why. Then also read this about what I believe constitutes a good quality hypnotherapy text.

4. Plough through the back catalogue of my own hypnosis blog, as well as the many episodes of my hypnosis weekly podcast and hypnosis hub as there is a huge amount that I’ve shared for free on there.

5. Read this article about hypnotherapy as an empirically supported treatment.

It lists well designed peer reviewed randomised controlled trials. I give a full set of other handouts and notes to my students containing all the seminal papers in our field. Took me years of study to compile so I don’t give that away free to those who do not or have not studied with my college.

6. If you own a book like the Oxford Handbook of Hypnosis or a similar text, it will give you a comprehensive explanation of the research and lessen the need for individual papers. As a researcher, I get journal access to all journals as part of my University library membership, but it is not necessary for my therapeutic work. Papers and subscriptions can be expensive too.

My own Science of Self-hypnosis book (nb NOT the greatly superseded Secrets of self hypnosis) has a great many relevant and seminal studies referred to too, and can be found at Amazon, for example.

7. Visit my personal Facebook Page or the Facebook page of The Anglo European College and have a good look through the photos we have posted there in recent years as there are lots and LOTS of great studies mentioned, memes to share and evidence-based snippets backed by research.

Email me if you have anything in particular you’d like to ask or discuss too. Adam.