A couple of years ago, I wrote an article that I share regularly about what I believe to be a cult of anti-intellectualism in the field of hypnotherapy. I decided to build on that and record a video on the topic.

You see, I tire of so much constant sniping at those who wish to see an advancement in credibility in the field of hypnotherapy. Those who think they know better than researchers, academics, doctors and scientists as a result of a 10 month training course (sometimes less than that!) to become a hypnotherapist.

I’ve recorded a video to explain my thoughts, and I champion what I consider to be some brilliant quotes on the same subject, have a watch:

This is the full Isaac Asimov quote I referred to (though I was not word perfect) whereby you can exchange the words “the United States” for “the field of hypnotherapy”:

In line with that, another quote that I really rather like is this one, it rings true and feels very pertinent to me;

“The internet is a double-edged sword of enlightenment and ignorance. It has the capacity to educate millions in ways never before possible, making science accessible, understandable, and relevant. At the same time it infects the public with idiocy, lies, pseudoscience, and the malevolent intention to mislead (kind of like Discovery Channel). Disinformation is a zombie. It is the resurrected body of mysteries solved, arguments settled, and bad science disproved, marching through half-baked websites and ‘shared’ by newly-infected readers not yet schooled in the truth, spreading fabrications and misinterpretations that eat away at the integrity of science and rot the brains of the masses.” – Douglas Long.

And finally, here is the President Obama video clip I referred to, enjoy:


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