Online Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma Course (HPD)

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The Complete, Accredited Online Hypnotherapy Diploma Course Is Here For You!

Throughout this diploma course, you are mentored, coached, trained and we ensure that you have all the skills you need to be a quality, Evidence-Based Clinical Hypnotherapist.

Just Imagine...

Right now, just imagine…

  • Becoming fluent, skilled and confident in therapeutically utilising hypnosis for enhancing the welfare of others, their health, their state of mind and much, much more.
  • Understanding the body and mind connections and how to create and facilitate change through collaborative therapeutic intervention.
  • Being personally trained and guided by a team of successful hypnotherapists with many years of experience working with individual clients.
  • Developing a range of knowledge and skills from the fields of classical hypnotherapy, self-hypnosis, cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy and NLP.
  • Having incredible fun and laughter, making friends on a hypnotherapy diploma course.

At the Anglo European College of Therapeutic Hypnosis, we come into contact with many consultants, therapists, coaches and other health practitioners of varying natures. Of those hundreds that we meet each year, there tend to be only a few who are simultaneously satisfying their altruistic requirements as well as earning a healthy living for themselves. Therefore, included within this course is a lot of real-life information about how to go about running a successful practice and you are offered much support and advice from our own experience to ensure that once you feel ready to embark on a therapeutic career, you have as much information and understanding about how to make that happen for you. Though we cannot and will not guarantee you’ll be earning a huge six figure salary within weeks of finishing this course, this hypnotherapy training course does aim to provide a formula for a successful clinical practice. One of the keys to successful therapeutic practice is being good at what you do – that is, if you have a depth of skill and knowledge, your clients are more likely to derive gain from working with you and in turn you’ll be more likely to get referrals; the life blood of a healthy career as a hypnotherapist. With this diploma course, you get thorough, in-depth hypnotherapy training, guidance on setting up and developing a business and information on how to set up your own practice.


 On This Hypnotherapy Diploma Course You Will Discover…

  • A wide range of powerful, rapid and effective hypnosis inductions.
  • How to motivate, inspire and develop a beneficial therapeutic alliance with clients.
  • How to teach self-hypnosis (and apply to yourself).
  • The joy of hypnotising groups of people at one time.
  • How to help individuals find emotional freedom and overcome suffering.
  • How to apply hypnosis to alleviate illness, such as irritable bowel syndrome.
  • How to help individuals overcome insomnia, anxiety, depression and deal with pain.
  • How to help individuals overcome unwanted habits such as smoking, unwanted eating habits or behavioural problems such as nail biting.
  • How to help individuals performance enhancement, such as in sports or in the work place.
  • Ways to advance and enhance your own personal development, critical thinking, creativity and much more.

A qualified Hypnotherapist induces, guides and manages the hypnosis session, equips individuals with skills and subsequently facilitates thorough and long-lasting change in the feelings, behaviour and thoughts of the individual.

Please Get Our Prospectus To Learn More

Please fill in the form on this page to get a prospectus for the course and we will send it to you today. Thank you.


Welcome to the Ultimate Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma Training Programme.

This hypnotherapy practitioner diploma training course is for the complete novice, existing practitioners, budding hypnotists and individuals seeking to add hypnosis to their existing professional skills. The vast majority of those we welcome to this college are complete beginners new to the field as well as psychologists, psychotherapists, doctors, dentists who are looking to add to what they already offer clients and patients.


This Bit May Appear Baffling But It Is Here For A Reason.

It is important to know that all hypnotherapy training available are not all equal. We are pointing out that our quality and standards are with the best organisations and authorities in the field.  We want you to realise that you will have the highest standard of training and qualifications to go out as a Professional Practitioner. Adam will be pleased to answer any of your questions if you need further enlightenment. Do check out everything on this website and in the Prospectus – BUT better still if you have any doubts or questions to ask then call Adam Eason.  He will be delighted to talk to you and help you. Please email him to schedule a call, or try your luck getting hold of him directly – call his office on 01202 526977.

Hypnotherapy Diploma Course Accreditation:

Though not the most exciting of subjects, course accreditation is incredibly important. Legally, anyone can set up a hypnotherapy training school and conduct courses of any length and any quality. The accreditation you get with this course gives you and your future clients confidence that you have received a sufficient depth of training so that you are a competent, confident and ethical practitioner.

We urge you to rethink if you feel tempted by a short, cheap, unaccredited hypnotherapy course.

You need time to develop your skills, experience and depth of knowledge before you practice professionally. This course gives you the time needed to develop the skill set necessary to thrive in this field.

This online diploma is fully accredited with the Professional Hypnotherapy Network. Membership with this leading organisation will enable you to become fully insured to practice professionally as a hypnotherapist. If you’d like to discuss accreditation regarding our online hypnotherapy practitioner diploma, please get in touch and we’ll answer all your queries.

Upon Successful Completion of This Course:

Our students receive clinical hypnotherapy diplomas awarded by myself within the standards set by the previously mentioned association. Your membership to that professional organisation subsequently allows you to gain insurance and practice as a hypnotherapist and use certain letters after your name. Wooo! Exciting, eh?

Further Accreditation:

This hypnotherapy practitioner diploma also integrates an NLP Practitioner training within it and as already mentioned, successful completion of this course will result in you being an NLP practitioner also and able to join certain NLP associations should you wish to. Get in touch with us for further information.

Membership Site

 We Supplement Your Learning

While studying this diploma course, all our students receive access to over 200 hours of video footage of all of the modules of our Hypnotherapy Diploma Course, along with footage of other lectures, seminars and workshops too. We have also added the same number of hours of video footage of two previous hypnotherapy practitioner diplomas so that you can really get a comprehensive education at this diploma level. This is a tremendously valuable addition to your training support. it includes audio guides to help you with your home study too. The videos provide you with an ongoing resource to help you revise all of the class taught material.

Who For?

 Fun When Learning

We have designed this Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma programme to help you to learn the fundamental aspects of hypnotherapy, core counselling skills, many psychotherapeutic techniques, coaching skills and to integrate aspects of NLP — for specific therapeutic application. Drawing upon the successful patterns used by the college principal and other tutors throughout the years in real-time practice, this hypnotherapy training course is based upon more than just theory. You learn a wide variety of techniques, in an accelerated way which means that you can be amongst those who know the patterns which can help to get real results. You also get to have a LOT of fun while learning — we believe that enjoying your study here helps to create a stimulating environment to best learn. Expect fun, laughter and entertainment to go alongside the often intellectually taxing journey of becoming a fully qualified hypnotherapist.

People who benefit from this kind of training and development include:

  • Medical doctors
  • Psychiatrists
  • Nurses
  • Counsellors
  • Hypnotherapists
  • NLPers
  • Reiki practitioners
  • Reflexologists
  • Business people…
  • And most importantly… Absolute beginners, with no relevant background already at all … Those just starting to create new careers for themselves in the world of modern, innovative healthcare.

Highest Professional Standards:

Importantly, this Hypnotherapy training diploma course is aligned with the NCH’s, UKCHO’s, and the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council’s training standards and requirements. The guidelines have been designed to meet the Government’s growing interest in minimum training criteria throughout the field and this HPD qualification meets national occupational standards. Not all courses consider these exceptionally high levels of attainment within their school.

What will I learn on this hypnotherapy training course?

You’ll learn a great many strategies, techniques and theoretical stances. All of which are outlined comprehensively in the college prospectus. Many schools teach a stance and approach towards hypnotherapy that their students go on to embody themselves. Often the students do not know any different or any better. Here, you are encourage to think critically, you are encouraged to see both sides of any theory, philosophy and approach – you’ll be shown the flaws of certain approaches as well as evidence for and against many populist approaches. It is vital to have a breadth and depth of knowledge and not just favour the same singular approach as your tutor.

Distance Learning

Achieve Your Diploma Via Distance Learning

We believe that the best way to train to be a hypnotherapist is to attend class. You get to practice your skills with a variety of people, you get your practical skills assessed by your tutor with feedback given in order that you can hone them. However, we are aware that some people simply cannot travel or are unable to make the commitment to attend a class. Therefore, our diploma course is also offered via distance learning now.
The tuition and course content is identical to our live classes.
Once you have filled out the application form and made your payment, you’ll receive a welcome email and an acceptance form that will complete initial enrolment. There is some information that you’ll need to send back to us in response to the questions in the acceptance form. This is mainly about you, your expectations and so on. It is not too dissimilar to the kind of information you’d consider taking from a client when they first commence therapy. All our diploma course students do this.
You will then receive a lengthy email from me with instructions about how to best be prepared for starting your studies and advises on preparatory reading prior to your study. We give you some articles to read, some study guidelines and advise you on core texts to own to assist with your study.
We then set up your student memberships with the relevant hypnotherapy associations and we also set up your access to all the online learning materials. You’ll receive an automated email with login details. Once you have your login details, you begin watching the video footage. You are then sent on all the manuals for each of the ten modules along with all the slides and handouts used in class for you to refer to while you watch the footage and for studying thereafter.
You then complete each module’s coursework as if you were attending the live diploma course. Once you have answered 10 questions or an entire module’s submission, we will arrange a feedback call together to run through it, chart your feedback and you then progress to the next module. I will advise you of other elements of your studies in those calls too. We also discuss
You’ll have two years to complete your studies and your course fee includes two year’s access to all the online learning materials along with the same support structures that all our diploma course students receive. You are also able to join any of our one day seminars free of charge as a means of advancing your practical skills and meeting Adam in person for some live training, we recommend this highly.
This distance learning option can be taken up at any time, do get in touch with us if you have any further questions or queries.
Investment fee: £1700.00 Plus Vat (total of £2020.00).
Evidence Based Approach

Hypnotherapy Is Powerful and Amazing – And Diverse.

Hypnotherapy is a powerful form of psychotherapy which has been developed from the work of many individuals over the years, notably the work of people  such as James Braid, Hippolyte Bernheim, Clark Hull, Nicholas Spanos, Theodore Barber, Milton Erickson, Dave Elman, Irving Kirsch and far too many others to mention. Today, there are a wide number of explanations about how hypnosis works, a wide number of differing conceptualisations of hypnosis, and a wide number of approaches to the therapeutic application of hypnosis. Here, it is an importance ethos of the college to embrace diversity, champion experimentation, but also for our students to understand both sides of any debate, philosophy or stance and not to become dogmatically entrenched in any singular perspective, especially if it lacks evidence to support it. Many schools teach a single mode and narrow perspective of what constitutes best hypnotherapy practice; here, we teach and train a comprehensive coverage of this field and let you choose your stance according to your personal leaning and the evidence supporting it.

Our Preference – Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy Approach

We are very aware of the increasing importance of evidence based hypnotherapy and as a result of our own commitment to evidence-based practice, there is much content within this diploma course that is supported heavily by empirical evidence and research. The course contains a great deal of influence from the field of Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy as a result. Additionally where techniques, approaches and strategies lack support of direct evidence, we’ll point that out and/or illustrate where evidence based principles can be used to support instead.


Cancellation Policy

If due to unforeseen circumstances any delegate needs to cancel an enrolment, up to one month before the course / seminar / workshop commences a refund of 66% of the paid course fee will be made by Adam Eason School of Therapeutic Hypnosis (T/as Awake Media Productions Ltd). Unfortunately, for any reduced initial fees paid (i.e. You took us up on an offer of a reduced course fee) and for any cancellations made within a month of the start date or after the start date of the course, no refunds are available. Please note: If you wish to move on to a different course at a later date and you give us less than a month’s notice, there are additional fees incurred due to hotel booking costs etc. If for any reason or due to unforeseen circumstances the programme you enrol upon has to be cancelled, Adam Eason College of Therapeutic Hypnosis (T/as Awake Media Productions Ltd) will refund your payment in full. Adam Eason School of Therapeutic Hypnosis and/or its directors will not be liable for any other expenses.



Adam answers some common frequently asked questions

Why do we insist that course applicants read the college prospectus?

Do students prefer the 10 month or the intensive format of the course?

How many other students will there be on the course and why?

What approach to hypnotherapy do you use and why?

What do you mean by ‘evidence-based hypnotherapy’?

Is there anything that I need to read in preparation for my training course?

Do all the courses include practical exercises?

Can I pay in instalments?

What are the entry requirements for the diploma course?

Will I get ongoing support once I have completed my training with the college?

In order to book for this course, you need to complete the “Booking Form” page

How To Book

In order to enrol for this online course, you need to fill in the booking form are on this website and contact us to make your payment. Once your payment has been made, you’ll receive an acceptance form with preparatory information to get you ready for the commencement of your studies. You are then sent on access to all of the online video materials with specific directions and instructions of which videos to watch in which order. At the same time, you are also sent on the full electronic manuals to accompany each of the tuition modules, along with the slides used in class for each module and all of the handouts used in class.

One Year To Qualify

It is adult education and some people will take longer than others. You can be a fully qualified practitioner within one year.

Your Practice

You are then in a position to set up a Part-Time or a Full-Time Practice.  Many choose to work from home. You get advice about this during your course.

Developing Skills

Adam Eason and his team are great trainers who makes learning fun. You really will develop the skills and knowledge you need to become a successful hypnotherapist

Videos and Audios

Many of the lectures are recorded and the videos will all be available in a Membership website that you will have access to while you train.

Course Is Therapeutic

You will discover so much about your own mind and the whole course is very therapeutic.  You will learn so much about yourself and how to move forward successfully with confidence.


Hypnosis Skills

You will get a huge amount of time developing different hypnosis skills and see how they work.  You will get support and experience on real clients.

Your Clients

There will never be a shortage of people needing help.  Just think about the people you already know who have issues, anxieties, sleep problems, weight, stress, smoking, phobias, pain, confidence, self-esteem and on and on.

Your Career

Go and check out some hypnotherapists websites to find out their hourly session rates – I won’t even begin to tell you about the experienced therapists.  It is down to you but this can be a really lucrative career.


Do check out the hypnotherapy diploma qualification you will be working towards in the prospectus  –  you will have letters after your name.  Adam will be happy to answer any questions about this.



Being able to learn this course online means you have all the time you need to be able to complete the course wherever you are in the world. You will need to be in contact with Adam Eason and therefore you may need to be accessible at unusual hours but we will find a solution.

Hypnosis Hub

There is a community hypnosis website we run which you can join – right now if you want to – where you will find people who are training who can give you ideas etc.  You can join even if you are not on one of our courses. Hypnosis Hub