The last couple of months have been very busy here at the Anglo European College of Therapeutic Hypnosis.

The end of the Spring marathon season for me culminated in a trip to Edinburgh to run two one-day seminars there, then I was in London for my five day Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy training course, the next stop was Manchester for two one-day seminars there and all the while I had diploma modules to run, culminating this weekend just gone with our final module of this year’s hypnotherapy practitioner diploma (HPD) training course.

Hypnotherapy Training in Edinburgh

Classroom picture of Hypnotherapy Training in Edinburgh


It is hard to believe that after such an enjoyably busy first half of the year, that I am now not back in the classroom again until late September. That does give me an opportunity to charge my batteries ready for the second half of this year’s intensive diploma course and the start of the next monthly diploma course but also get to work with regards to planning our dates for travels next year and the launch of a couple of new courses that I am running due to demand and as we develop the college.

Last Saturday, I gave a lecture and presentation in the afternoon on material that I had not delivered on the diploma course before, I really enjoyed it and despite the glorious sunshine warming our room up, class was as responsive and receptive as ever, in particular a number of graduates of the college who continue to develop and invest their time in their skills and understanding as hypnotherapists.

With that complete, people went and got cleaned up, changed and ready for our end of year Summer party. For me, the best way to end each academic year is among the company of wonderful people, dancing, singing, laughing and being merry. I had a fabulous evening. Everyone danced until late and though I think I may have strained my hamstring high-kicking to the 70s track ‘Kung-Fu fighting’ and although my voice today is struggling to recover from my singing along to Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance, I am recovering I think. Having got to bed at 2.30am and then been out running before teaching the final day (with the help of Mr Baxter who took the first session), I was ready for bed on Sunday night.

For me, after the efforts and exertions of the hypnotherapy training academic year, it is nice to let the hair down and have a knees-up. It is also a time to reflect and I get to realise how great the people are that I work with and I get to celebrate and thank the year’s class assistants and other team members who make everything possible here.

One of the things I seem to repeatedly say year in, year out, is that it is tough to let go of my grip on the students that head out into the world as hypnotherapists. I feel attached and protective. We offer a comprehensive community and ongoing support, but they’ll not be my students anymore, instead they’ll be independent hypnotherapists, and that is actually a wonderful thing to write here.

The end of another academic year is upon us and it will commence again in September. Now to spend the Summer with my family and planning for the upcoming one.