Here on the college website, I’m going to offer up some regular video clips and snippets, It won’t always be me and my white board in my office wearing a comfy Nordic sweater, but it has that theme to it today.

Those who have read my science of self-hypnosis book or been on one of my science of self-hypnosis seminars will be aware that I tend to favour a sociocognitive model of hypnosis as a means of explaining and conceptualising hypnosis. It is simple, tends to be favoured by many academics, researchers and prominent authors, it empowers the individual and inherently creates self-efficacy and moves away from explaining hypnosis in terms of a conscious/unconscious mind or as an altered state of consciousness (both of which lack evidence to support despite being so popular among front line hypnotherapists).

In class, at the beginning of our diploma course, I explain a wide number of models of hypnosis and also explain my preference (and positive bias) for the sociocognitive model of hypnosis. For those just starting out in this field and for those who have perhaps trained previously and be taught just one singular way of explaining hypnosis, the sociocognitive model might seem like a challenge to explain in simple terms to clients.

The model comprises of a number of modulating factors the come together to heighten suggestibility and create hypnosis and hypnotic responding. Those modulating factors (attitudes, expectations, role adoption, motivation etc) might take a while to explain and might be difficult to socialise the client to that model, especially if the client has preconceived notions of what hypnosis is or how they want it to be.

Therefore, it makes a lot of sense to import one of the ABC models used in the field of cognitive behavioural therapy – Antecedents, Beliefs and Consequences to form a simple way to start sowing the seeds of how hypnosis works and how you can use it according to the sociocognitive perspective… And I recorded a short video all about that, I hope you enjoy it and find it useful…..

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