We are currently in the process of completely revamping our membership area. It is going to be much more user-friendly and ready for lots of new training course footage in coming months. We’ve not been probing it massively in recent weeks while the changes are being made, but then it’ll be something we’ll be mentioning a lot more.

It’ll mean a couple of bits that I offer at the moment to prospective students will not be available either, so I thought you might quite like this access to some audio footage….

Early in 2016, I (Adam) was interviewed by one of my leading professional peers (the titan of the conversational hypnosis world, Igor Ledochowski) for a small online masterclass that the two of us delivered together. I give access to this part of that masterclass to prospective students to give them a deeper understanding about me and my beginnings in the hypnotherapy field.

For a limited time, I want to give you access to the first of that series of 3 recordings because in it, I give a candid account of how I began my own successful career in this field and how I went on to become the figure that I am in the hypnotherapy field today.

It’ll be a few minutes of your time well invested. You’ll get to hear from me and about me right from the off and will give you a sense of what I am like as a tutor and as a person, and I think it gives some really useful information about how to set about having a good career in this field.

Follow this link:

Adam Interviewed By Igor.

Then use the code – igor7456 and you’ll be able to listen to it until our membership area revamp is complete in the next week or so, with my compliments.