Well the questions that make up the title of any blog entry or video clip are typically answered with “no”, aren’t they? Sooooo, you tend to know what direction this video clip is going in, don’t you? And no, I’m not purposely adding “tag questions” to the end of every sentence as a means of confusing my message today!


Anyway, in this video clip today, I’m discussing whether indirect language patterns advance the efficacy of hypnotherapy, there has been research examining this question and I share that with you here. I also discuss whether so called “hypnotic language” really is anything to do with hypnosis at all and I respond to the notion that politicians are using “hypnotic language” to wield mass hypnosis on their electorate. All this and more hypnosis myth busting besides, as you have hopefully come to expect from me in my videos…. I hope you find it stimulating and enjoyable.


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