“Come and meet Adam Eason, join this free webinar and learn all you need to know about choosing hypnotherapy training and how to have an incredible career in this field”

Let me explain my reasons for this webinar. Typically, when people are weighing up hypnotherapy training who have not heard of me or my college, the three things I am asked a great deal:

1. “Do you offer a taster day?”

2. “The hypnotherapy training options are overwhelming. It’s a minefield out there! How do I choose? What do I do?”

3. “Can I really earn a good living as a hypnotherapist?”

I felt that a webinar offering an essential guide to training as a hypnotherapist was a great way to answer these questions and more.

We do not offer a taster day, so this free webinar is an opportunity for you and I to engage in lots of what happens during a taster day; you’ll get to see me and meet me, you’ll get to ask me any questions you like about me, my college, the field of hypnotherapy and being a hypnotherapist in general.

Click here to join me live and free on Wednesday the 21st of February, 2018 at 7pm GMT.

Additionally, in this webinar I will show you the exact questions you should be asking yourself and your potential hypnotherapy training provider right now to ensure that you are going to derive the best return on investment.

This webinar is going to offer up the exact steps you need to take in order to get the best quality education, have the best skills and be incredibly effective at setting up and running a successful hypnotherapy professional practice. The aim is that you have no regrets at all when you are under way with your chosen hypnotherapy training.

We’ll have three main areas of focus. You’ll learn:

Insight Number 1: The value of the right education.

Adam’s PhD research is ground breaking, his books are highly evidence-based, he lectures for the Royal Society of Medicine and Bournemouth University on their MSc programme in this area, he has lectured to NHS directors, to leading oncologists, surgeons and presented keynote lectures to frontline hypnotherapists around the world. He has a reputation for insisting on solid scientific principles and adherence to evidence base and has been familiarising students with the breadth and depth of academic literature and research that underpins the hypnosis field for the past two decades.

Many hypnotherapy trainings are filled with myth and misconception, or offer up a singular model without offering up any critique of that model and without any scientific evidence to support them. Good quality education will teach you to think critically about your subject, to know when to challenge “received wisdom” or information that is just rehashed, revamped and perpetuating myth.

Adam will show you what to look for, and give you some majorly useful resources and references to start understanding the science of hypnotherapy right away. What’s more, he’ll explain these things in ways that anyone without any former understanding of hypnosis or hypnotherapy whatsoever will be able to understand and make sense of.

Insight number 2: The value of astonishment.

Adam will talk about the value of being able to astonish people. Potential hypnotherapy clients, colleagues, friends and family. When you learn to astonish in a number of ways as a hypnotherapist, it will delight those you come into contact with and you will develop an incredible reputation on a number of levels.

He’ll point out exact ways you can learn to astonish anyone anywhere with your hypnosis skills, your hypnotic language, and your education in this field.

Insight number 3: The importance of real-life, proven business skills.

Most enter this field and study it filled with wonderful dreams of being able to help others, serve them and make a major difference for the better in those people’s lives. So many hypnotherapists fail to realise those dreams as they simply lack even the most basic understanding of how to run a business, let alone an effective specialist business such as being a hypnotherapist.

Click here to join me live and free on Wednesday the 21st of February, 2018 at 7pm GMT.

Adam has been a full-time hypnotherapist since 1997. He has mentored many successful hypnotherapists throughout those years and in this webinar he will outline the strategies to be aware of before you have started with your studies to ensure that you have the right vision and action steps to implement if you ever do commence with hypnotherapy training.

“I want to ensure that when you are a professional hypnotherapist leading a very satisfying life that you look back upon this webinar with me as having been a major contributory factor in that.”Adam Eason

Are you worried about getting the right accreditation?
Do you want to be sure that you don’t get a couple of modules into a training and realise it is the wrong one for you?
Have you wondered if it really is possible to run an effective business as a hypnotherapist? And wanted to know how?
I’ll answer all these questions, and you’ll have the chance to ask me any other questions on the night.

Join me for a stimulating, challenging, thought provoking and reassuring webinar; if you are serious about becoming a hypnotherapist, then this webinar is for you.

Click here to join me live and free on Wednesday the 21st of February, 2018 at 7pm GMT.