Last weekend was the UK Hypnosis convention and I lectured on the subject of Placebo, nocebo and the relationship with hypnosis, the mechanisms which made these things work and so on. After the theory, I gave a small demonstration that someone in the audience filmed and that I thought I’d share here.

The stage was a bit dark and the quality is not the best. This was a simple process based upon a technique explained in Assen Alladin’s book cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy for depression and the technique is entitled first aid for a bad mood. I combined some elements of it with a fun process that I used to use when I was much younger for fun, using old school rave music and hypnosis to create a natural high.

My aim was to create a measurable natural high and we sure managed that.

My sincere thanks to my volunteer Eugen Popa and his partner Angela Nutu from the Romanian Hypnotherapy Institute for being my volunteer and for videoing the session.



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