In this video I speak about how develop as a hypnotherapist, and it also includes a clip of me running in winds generated by hurricane Hannah on the south coast here recently 

While I do talk a bit about the best way to actually run in windy conditions and how to use self-hypnosis to be effective in those conditions, importantly, I am talking about grit and how it makes us better to be uncomfortable and engage in self-denial from time to time. 

As I mention in the video, David Goggins wrote something I loved a while back….

“On your bad days, when you feel like a tortured soul, that is when you can really win the battle against yourself! If, on your worst days you can pull off your best performances, that’s when your mind truly starts to shift! Win that battle and it will move the mental needle!”
I talk about running into the darkness and the value of doing that with your business from time to time. Enjoy! 


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