We’ve got new dates for our cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy certificate and our hypnotic coaching courses and I’m really excited. Those of you that read our updates, in recent weeks I have written about us having plenty of dates for new courses and events, if you missed those updates here, have a read:

1. New dates for our next hypnotherapy practitioner diploma and: Announcing the Return of Our Intensive Format Hypnotherapy Diploma Course!
2. New dates for our advanced hypnotherapy course. Our 2018 Advanced Diploma Just Got More Advanced – Big Offer to Qualified Hypnotherapists.
3. Our Rapid Inductions and Hypnotic Phenomena for Hypnotherapists Seminar Returns: The Stuff of Legend!
4. The Latest Self-Hypnosis Science, Research & Tuition: What We Are Now Offering.

Today, in addition to all of that, as I said, I am delighted to announce that we have new dates for our cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy certificate course, and our hypnotic coaching course.

For anyone wishing to study these courses, who registers and signs up by November the 13th, we are giving additional full access to the full college online hypnotherapy diploma course (usually over £1500.00) as preparatory viewing, and we’re doing so for a couple of reasons:

a) One of the reasons I sometimes turn some hypnotherapists away from our CPD courses is that their initial training was simply not comprehensive enough. That is, a lot that gets taught on our hypnotherapy practitioner diploma course is simply not covered by that many hypnotherapy training schools. The adherence to evidence base, the variety of clinical applications, the specialist knowledge about a range of clinical issues as well as being taught more than just one singular model, we teach the critique of those models. So as I say, I have turned numerous hypnotherapists away from applying for this course due to my feeling that they would not enjoy our CPD trainings as our CPD courses for hypnotherapists assume and presuppose a certain degree of knowledge. For anyone taking up this early bird offer then, regardless of your background, I will welcome you to this course because I will also give you a year-long access to our online hypnotherapy practitioner diploma course. That is, you will be able to study (without necessarily taking the full qualification, you can simply study it to fill in any blanks in your existing knowledge and ensure you are fully prepared for our advanced course) our online hypnotherapy practitioner diploma course.

b) These courses have proven to be very popular and our next set of dates are currently full to capacity, so the next available dates are a little way off. Therefore, you get to study our diploma course in that time – it is over 175 hours long, incredibly thorough, drawing upon evidence based principles wherever possible, and creating a solid foundation of knowledge to build upon your existing qualification so that you are fully prepared for the course of study.

Finally, for anyone wishing to book on both of the dates and take both the CBH course and the hypnotic coaching course, we’ll give you an early bird discount whereby the second course is half price (buy one, get one half price deal) which is a very healthy saving indeed.

All you need to do is to get in touch with me using the email address given on most pages of this website, or send me an email from the contact us pages of this website or my personal Adam Eason hypnosis website, and I’ll respond within one working day, answer all your queries and guide you through enrolment if you’d like to do that.

More information on each of these courses can be found at these pages at this website, where you can download the course prospectus with the new dates in. If you struggle for any reason, email me and I’ll send it on.

1. Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy Certificate.
2. Hypnotic Coaching course.

Come join us, I am certain you’ll be delighted that you did so.