This is a subject I have written about often, and today decided it warranted a video clip. So I am offering up a video aimed at stimulating debate, and also encouraging others to find out more about the evidence base, the science, the ethics, the morals that surround ‘regression to cause’ approaches in the hypnotherapy field.

Within this video, I also really get into a couple of my favourite topics too – knowing both sides of a debate, being able to accept and benefit from criticism, and I really get stuck into the evidence around the topics of false memory syndrome, the reconstructive nature of memory and the way that hypnosis increases the chances of distorting memories and making them more believable.

First up, here’s the video…..

if you want to read a bit more about these subjects and dive deeper down the rabbit hole, then go and read this article where I have put quite a lot of resources and articles together on this topic too:

Scientifically Questioning ‘Regression To Cause’ Used By Hypnotherapists

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