Today, I am sharing a bit of a bug bear of mine – “Science by press release” – let me explain a bit…..

In 2016, outside of the main body of my keynote presentation at the UK Hypnosis Convention, I spoke about a topic briefly that is something I have spoken about often to fellow professionals since: Science by press release.

In the video I explain what it means and why I find it so frustrating, and I’m building upon what I was talking about in yesterday’s video…. go and have a watch…..

Here are some links to show you the reality of some of what I was talking about in the clip:

Regarding the Pixie Dust:
Pixie dust helps man grow new finger,” stated the Telegraph’s headline. “The amazing ‘pixie dust’ made from pigs bladder that regrew a severed finger in FOUR weeks” said the Daily Mail. “‘Pixie Dust’ From Pig’s Bladder Regrows Man’s Finger” said Fox News. “It is thought that the dust kick-starts the body’s natural healing process by sending out signals that mobilize the body’s own cells into repairing the damaged tissue” they explained.

Dr David Spiegel demonstrating that hypnosis has a unique brain pattern; here are some of the more popular news snippets sharing his findings:

1. Study identifies brain areas altered during hypnotic trances.
2. In patients under hypnosis, scientists find distinctive patterns in the brain.
3. Is Hypnosis All in Your Head? Brain Scans Suggest Otherwise.

How many actually hypnotherapists read the study rather than just the media headlines I wonder?


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