This is just a quick blog entry here today to share a couple of photos that I received in the post from a former colleague of mine Rob Barrett who I worked with in the early days of my career when my business was new. He is moving overseas and very kindly posted on a few bits to me that he had found in some old boxes.

Anyway, these two photos show something very particular, I’ll explain…..

On my self-hypnosis seminars, I show every one of our students how to use the self-hypnosis skills that they have learned that day with me, how to apply those skills to create anaesthesia and analgesia, and then test it there and then if they want to. It is not obligatory, but I give them all the chance to use their own self-hypnosis skills to create glove anaesthesia and I then put a pin through their arm – their experience is a pain-free one with minimal bleeding and serves as a great convincer with regards to self-hypnosis and what it can do when one applies it effectively.

When I talk through the best ways to do this, I advise everyone in class that when I did this very exercise on my self-hypnosis courses when I was in my early 20s, I had a fairly blunt nappy pin put through my arm which is a lot harder to put through the skin than the surgical needles that I use in my classes today – what’s more it was ‘cleansed’ using a lighter flame and so left a permanent small black scar on my arm that looks like I have a jailhouse tattoo – I also have one on each arm as I did this a couple of times. It was a great experience though and is one of the things that really convinced me about my choice of career.

When I tell my students these things, I have on occasion worried that some people might think “oh yeah… “ and have a a slight hint of disbelief, even when I show the marks on my arms. Today, I can put all that imaginary doubt to bed and show the world photographic evidence from one of those occasions when I was in my early twenties and had the nappy pin put through my arm… Here you go….

I know, not very flattering…. And there’s also this close up…..

It often makes me giggle online when I see friends or colleagues uttering in jest the words “photos or it didn’t happen” when people make claims or tell a story, so here I am offering those photos despite no-one ever asking me to do so…..

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