This weekend just gone by was module one of our latest hypnotherapy practitioner diploma course. The sun shone, the air was fresh, the course is at it’s most updated and current, and I had a new t-shirt, just to ensure that all my students had no doubt about who the tall guy with the ginger/balding head was at the front of class….
I tend to have a mixture of excitement and nervousness each year when I start with a new group. I am always sad about letting go of my previous year’s group, though I keep in touch and see them at our ongoing events, I have a strong bond with every group as I put so much into wanting them to have the best education and foundations for running an effective business as a hypnotherapist.

This new group were wonderful, as I knew they would be; really engaged, asked the right kinds of questions, approached the subject well, prepared diligently as I ask, and all embraced the subject matter and the college ethos beautifully, it made me very happy indeed.

I managed to sneak in a selfie on Sunday, though I did not manage to get everyone in and not everyone was in class when I took this one (sorry you guys! We’ll get another soon!)….

This always means that we have now set in place the dates for the next diploma course. The dates are all written up in the latest version of the diploma course prospectus that you can download from the diploma course page on this website. It starts in October 2018 – all the weekend dates are in the prospectus or you can contact me via email and I’ll send them on to you accordingly.

Additionally, we have added to the course prospectus once again our Intensive Diploma Course which I will return to teach as of 2019. This is the exact same diploma course, but taught in an intensive, immersive format of two 9 day tuition blocks. It was originally set up so that overseas students could attend with more ease, but has appealed to those more locally as well.

With the dates being a fair while into the future for these courses, I have put together one of the best early bird offers I have ever offered. I’ll be writing to everyone who has ever downloaded a prospectus later on today. However, if you’d like to ask me directly about the details, I’ll happily send them on to you directly, just send me an email and I’ll reply (my college email address is at the top of virtually every page on this website).

This early bird offer for both course formats will only be available for a limited time, but it is quite incredible.

Ok, that’s all for this update here on the college blog, I’ll be back with more announcements as they happen.