For quite a while now I have wanted to have a playlist on my YouTube channel that teaches a wide range of self-hypnosis applications for enhancing well-being. So in coming weeks, I’ll be offering lots of different techniques and strategies to combine with self-hypnosis. However, those videos are unlikely to be useful or stimulating if you do not know how to engage in the self-hypnosis process to begin with. Of course one great way of learning is to grab a copy of my book the science of self-hypnosis: The evidence based way to hypnotise yourself.
Also I encourage you to visit this page of my college website to download my “self-hypnosis roadmap” which is a document that you can download for free which will give you written instructions on the process I talk about in this video and will provide you with an excellent companion to this quick guide.
In this video, I talk you through the self-hypnosis process I recommend that is informed by research. I published a peer reviewed journal article last year that offered up the first ever systematic review and meta analysis of clinical applications of self-hypnosis and this is the process that advances the chances of success according to that review.
The six steps are simply this:
1. You adopt the hypnotic mindset.
2. You induce hypnosis.
3. Deepen self-hypnosis.
4. Apply the hypnotic skill or engage in the process that is the focus of the session.
5. Exit self-hypnosis
and 6. Ratify, reflect and develop.
All of these steps benefit from deeper understanding and a  lengthier explanation which you can get in my book or with my online course, however, this short clip will give you a basic framework with which you can then apply the skills I am going to be sharing in coming weeks.
Download the roadmap, watch the video and practice the basic skills and you’ll be away.
I hope you find it useful and stimulating, enjoy.


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