Something that I find really irritating and have a healthy level of annoyance about in the hypnotherapy field is the amount of techniques that have been created by hypnotherapists who then go on to market them loudly and sell them enthusiastically and they are then used religiously by hypnotherapists despite it having no evidence to support it at all. The rationale for it’s use tends to be that a Facebook group dedicated to the marketing of that technique has offered up endless positivity and successful accounts of it’s application.

What gets ignored is that perhaps the enthusiasm of the hypnotherapist, the belief in the process is the only thing that is making it work – along with the hope and expectation that it creates in the client. Which seems harmless at first, but when you look deeper can create problems for the client and the field in general.

In this video I discus extratherapeutic factors that contribute to change, “regression towards the mean”, and the prevalence of hypnotherapists using techniques and processes that have no evidence to support them but are incredibly popular and marketed loudly.

Plus I snuck in one of my favourite Star Wars quotes….. Watch this.


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