Those who are familiar with this college and I know that these days I tend to champion an evidence based approach to hypnosis and hypnotherapy, you regular readers and viewers know that much.

As a result, I find that people who disagree with what I have to say on my podcast, on my videos or on my blogs start to quote research back to me… And man oh man, you should see some of the research that some people use to back up their own stance on a subject.

So I thought I would offer up today, the kind of method of evaluating research that my own study adheres to and hope it helps to ensure that I get less people telling me that their stance is qualified – because here is a study conducted by John the past life regression therapist on two of his friends after a few beers one night using binaural beats music and he wrote up the results!

I am kidding about that, and exaggerating in an unfair way to get my own point across… You knew that also though, didn’t you?

When looking at any piece of information, article, research finding or anything that relates to hypnosis or hypnotherapy, why not use this simple ‘PROMPT’ structured approach to critically evaluate that information.

PROMPT, in this context, stands for: Provenance, Relevance, Objectivity, Method, Presentation, and Timeliness. The video explains the rest, I hope you find it useful and beneficial, let me know your thoughts, enjoy….


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