In this video I speak about how to think more like a scientist in every day life. It is me giving pointers on how to apply scientific thinking to your work as a hypnotherapist to advance much of what you do, and also how it can help many other areas of your life. 
There is a lot of what I consider to be lazy thinking in the hypnotherapy field and rather than simply complain about it, I decided to record a video showing how to apply scientific thinking (which is just one way of thinking, and certainly not the only one I recommend) within your clinical hypnotherapy work and in life in general for much benefit and gain. 
I hope it proves useful, enjoy. 

In the video, I mentioned a number of links, here they are: 
1. More Tea Vicar? Bertrand Russell’s Teapot Theory & That Big Hypnosis Field Discussion
2. Another Scientific Reason For Hypnotherapists to Abandon the Myth of the Unconscious Mind – Cognitive Bias
3. Critical Thinking: Its Importance and Ways to Improve It
4. Independent Thinking: How to Be an Independent Thinker

Enjoy applying more scientific thinking to your clinical work, I think it’ll really advance what you do.


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