Being a therapist can often be an isolated working role, and if you are a one-man band of a business, then you may well be doing a huge amount more than just having hypnotherapy sessions with your clients each day.

I remember the first day of being a self-employed hypnotherapist, skipping along the street so happy, thinking “yes, I did it, I am living the dream!” It was awesome, though also a tad naive.

I also remember walking along the same pathway perhaps a year later as a busy hypnotherapist dreading working with a particular client of mine and thinking “I don’t want to work with that smoker guy, he’s not responding well and I feel drained.

I flagged down a cab and headed for Real Street, and have since then looked at the best ways to enhance my day-to-day enjoyment of being a hypnotherapist, and feeling like the dream and the autonomy were worthwhile and put a smile back on my face.

I share some of the stuff here in this video, enjoy!


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