Each week I receive a number of comments on social media or by email that I do my best to reply to in an effective manner, or I have to ignore for various reasons. A little while back I received a comment on my YouTube channel that I decided to give a thorough reply to and I thought I’d share that here today. On my YouTube channel I have a video entitled “Scientifically Questioning the ‘Regression to Cause’ Approach in the Hypnotherapy Field.” 

If you watch it on YouTube, you’l also see the comment posted that I’m addressing today. In the video I gave a scientific critique of regression to cause approaches and highlighted some of the challenges presented within that approach by researchers and authors. 

Anyway, the comment was as follows: 

“Adam, I have helped numerous people over the past 23 years using regression, without any danger to my clients. I couldn’t help but notice your biased view towards this approach. Have you yourself been through your own training analysis?”

In this video I’m sharing my extensive reply which I hope you find stimulating and beneficial. Enjoy. 


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