In this video, I’m in space with my favourite ever space ship… Red Dwarf!! In a change from the usual set up, I’ve gone full-blown sci-fi because of the topic of this clip.
Today I thought I’m sharing one of the psychological processes I use personally and one I use with my weight reduction clients –  using self-hypnosis to help make the changes. The aim is that it updates and changes the internal blueprint that you have of your own body shape.
It combines some classic ideas with a couple of my other favourite processes from related fields.
Weight reduction needs to be a long term process – and usually multi-faceted and comprehensive, so use this often, regularly and in conjunction with a number of other aspects that contribute to your ideal size, shape and weight.
You’ll benefit from having watched my previous video whereby I explain an effective approach to self-hypnosis and how to do it. Then, simply follow the 7 steps outlined in this video for Outer Space Body Shaping, resulting in updating and advancing many facets of yourself in regards to your ideal size, shape and weight.
I hope you find it useful, enjoy.


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