As you will have seen me discuss in my previous video giving a 20 minute crash course in self-hypnosis, I currently think the best way for anyone to learn self-hypnosis is to learn how to adopt the correct hypnotic mindset and be taught the self-directed, self-regulated skills by a competent professional, then apply those skills and practice them to develop the skill and self-efficacy. To really understand the cognitive set of the hypnotic mindset, watch my previous video  or go grab a copy of my Science of self-hypnosis book where it is explained in simple but comprehensive terms.
One of the most common things I am asked by people who have watched my videos, or listened to my audio tracks, especially those learning self-hypnosis by themselves, is how they can tell if they did actually get the hypnosis process right and are doing it correctly. Today’s video is an extension of the all important hypnotic phenomena component that was in my previous video using a pen stick and I’m featuring a series of experiments to fine tune your skills, enhance your belief and develop self-efficacy.
Basically, you use the same self-hypnosis structure, adopt the same all important hypnotic mindset, and then practice the skills I explain here in this video.
One of the greatest contributors to the field of self-hypnosis is Emile Coué – as featured on my tee-shirt in this clip – whose method of autosuggestion was enhanced and developed for individuals learning it by teaching them a set of experiments to practice with. This enhanced their own degree of self-efficacy and made them more responsive to autosuggestions as well as developing skill with the method.
Though Coué’s method was not strictly known as self-hypnosis, it is considered a major contribution to the field of self-hypnosis and the parallels are great.
In this video, I share with you some of Coué’s series of “waking suggestion” experiments.
I hope you find it useful and stimulating, enjoy.


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