This has been a challenging past couple of years for many hypnotherapists. During the past couple of months, I spent a great deal of time speaking with students, graduates and fellow professionals and trying to find out what they needed and wanted in terms of professional support and development.

Then I had to balance that with what I am physically capable of offering and sought to create a solution. The result is what I am sharing here with this post, and is something that those who work closely with me know I have been working hard on for a while behind the scenes.

The Anglo European College Hypnotherapist Development Hub:

An online members area with live weekly offerings aimed at educating, developing and supporting hypnotherapists. This will include:

– Extensive digital resources – educational training videos available to stream, including our diploma course, advanced diploma, hypnotic coaching course, rapid inductions, science of self-hypnosis, additional specialist lectures, much more (similar to existing members area).

– Monthly specialist live lecture. Including a range of specialist lectures from academics, authors and experienced specialists. Attend live and get to ask questions and interact with leaders in the field, but if you are unable to attend live, the recording will be posted the following day for you to access and revisit.

This will count as meeting your official CPD quota with all major hypnotherapy associations if you attend half of these each year.

Monthly group supervision. You can attend and receive supervision from and with me, or join the group to learn and develop accordingly. The hub will equip you with guidance for the way we conduct the supervision in the most effective fashion and will include official structured forms and resources.

These sessions will count as your official supervision requirement with the UKHC, GHR and NCH (as well as meet the requirements for most other professional hypnotherapy member organisations).

Monthly Peer Support Group. We used to run a regular group here locally that was very well attended and lots of you asked for more of that. In particular though, this will have a focus upon hypnotherapist business building – there’ll be a monthly presentation with a live discussion afterwards. This will include coaching, support, guidance and regular expert speakers. There will also be additional lectures and presentations of my own that I have recorded through the years adding to the business development section.

Therapeutic Forms Depository: You will have access to and be able to download from a huge number of therapeutic forms used in cognitive behavioural, mindfulness based and ACT approaches to therapy.

– As a member, you’ll have an ongoing 25-50% discount to any courses you wish to attend with the college (including next year’s new courses ‘the neuroscience of psychotherapy’ and ‘using ACT in hypnotherapy’).

We’ll also be holding a live Zoom skills practice session every week – which is a great chance for our trainees to meet up and practice, and for graduates and seasoned hypnotherapists to hone skills and stay sharp.

In addition we’ll be using our main college Facebook group much more as a place to regularly discuss related topics and support members.

It is not going to be fully launched until January 2022, some finishing touches are still being made, but I wanted to announce it as I am excited about it.

When launched in January, it will cost £25.00 per month to subscribe. There will be an option to pay £250.00 for a full year, thus getting two months free.

However, if you’d like to jump on board now and join us in time for our opening, you can join for a greatly reduced fee of £200.00 for membership until the end of 2022. This won’t be offered again once it is all up and running. You’ll get access to all the existing resources before Christmas (aiming for mid-December) and you’ll be able to join all the events as of January. I will also keep that same fee available for you for life and give you the option to take it up each year regardless of what the fee increases to in the future.

If you’d like to take this £200.00 offer up, visit the booking form here at the college website (link below or in the main toolbar on this site), fill in your personal details, choose the “Hypnotherapist Development Hub” option (it is the last option, scroll to the bottom of the list) and when I receive the submitted form, I will invoice you accordingly and you’ll be all set to be part of it all right from the beginning.

Booking form can be found here.

So you won’t have to worry about where to look for your CPD requirements, you’ll have your supervision requirements met, you’ll have access to resources we have never offered before, as well as LOTS of training videos and materials.

I’m aiming for this to offer a great deal of ongoing resource, support, guidance and importantly professional development to all who are part of it. For those looking to be part of something, and joining an amazing cause too, it will create a great community of us evidence based hypnotherapists seeking to raise standards in this field, seeking to shake off myth and misinformation, seeking to examine and understand the science, the research, the literature that informs this field with a view to improving what we do and ultimately achieving greater results with our clients.