As you are likely to have seen if you visit this college website regularly or my own blog and social media channels, I recently shared the Hypnosis Geek manifesto here, you can go and have a read of that and watch the video if you missed it: The Hypnosis Geek Manifesto.

Some of the things I wrote about are really relevant today and what I’m posting here:

1. A hypnotherapist should know both sides of any debate, philosophy and argument.
2. Hypnotherapists should know the critique of the stance they adopt – that is, they should not just blindly follow a singular model without understanding the critique of it and the evidence against it. Neither should they feel affronted when those models are challenged, instead see it as an opportunity to develop and grow.
3. Hypnotherapists should seek to understand and implement evidence base where possible.
4. Hypnotherapists need to be effective critical thinkers.

Some consider the notion of the conscious/unconscious mind to be one of the biggest myths and misconceptions held in the field of hypnotherapy by frontline hypnotherapists and training schools. It is amazing to see the absolute faith and belief in the notion of the conscious/subconscious model of mind to explain hypnosis and how it works. It is taught as fact in a great many schools and colleges and many, many hypnotherapists tell their clients about this model when explaining hypnosis and not only believe it to be fact, but then expect their clients to believe it is fact. So many hypnotherapists are so utterly invested in this model, that they shun opposition to it.

Yet there is quite a strong case against this model, it lacks evidence to support it, and could actually create problems for clients if accepted as truth.

This comprehensive video explains some of the case against this way of explaining the mind and hypnosis, but also aims to show that this model is not universally accepted, in fact there are no academics, researchers or neuroscientists who follow this model of hypnosis and mind.

It is one of those things that is considered to be “received wisdom” and I’m challenging that received wisdom today. I hope you’ll invest some time watching this and understanding the points I make and taking on board what I say with an open-mind.

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