In recent months I have been asked often about the difference in accreditation and qualification of our hypnotherapy diploma training courses. I’ve been copying and pasting and editing the same text from emails and thought it would be a good idea to instead write an article that explains it fully and comprehensively that I can send people to. 

We offer two formats of our diploma course; online and live. 


Online, Distance Learning:

Our wholly online course is delivered via videos and manuals and additional support. I refer to it as our wholly online course as our live diploma is also available via livestream and some people refer to it as online learning. Not to confuse the two, I am referring to our wholly online course here.

The course is the same as the one we teach in class except for it being taught and delivered via recordings rather than live. You have to achieve the same learning outcomes, complete the same coursework – the main differences are that you have the flexibility to study this course as and when you like (rather than having to attend specific dates as with the live courses) and it is far less expensive.

If you have not already done so, you can download a prospectus for this wholly online course here on this page of the college website: Online Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma Course. 

This wholly online course, is still accredited by the UK Hypnotherapy Council and the ACCPH (Accredited Counsellors, Coaches, Pychotherapists and Hypnotherapists) and you can still gain professional insurance with major professional hypnotherapy insurance providers with the accreditation gained. With this online course you still gain the same qualifications from this college, you just do not get the externally validated HPD qualification that requires live tuition.

Live, simultaneous learning: 


However, a number of hypnotherapy associations and organisations (e.g. the CNHC, GHR, NCH) require a minimum number of live tuition hours to be completed in order to gain full accreditation with them. That is, prior to the pandemic you needed to attend a live class for a minimum of 120 hours. This matches National Occupational Standards which many organisations are keen to adhere to.

Since the pandemic however, those 120 hours can be live streams of classes being taught i.e. the course being delivered via Zoom on specific dates. 


Attending the live courses we offer does offer a more robust qualification. That said, you can qualify from our wholly online course, achieve the learning outcomes and attend live class hours at a later date to upgrade your qualification should you ever wish to do so, for the additional fee you would have paid if you were attending the live, more expensive course. Again, if you have not done so already, you can visit the following page of this college website to download and read the prospectus for our live diploma and see the qualifications and accreditation available with that option and compare the two in more detail should you wish. You join on the dates stated whether you attend class or join the live stream from home. With our full live delivered courses you can join the major professional hypnotherapy organisations and associations in the UK: Live Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma Course. 

We have graduates of our online course running effective businesses as a hypnotherapist just as our classroom graduates do. The difference is the level of accreditation – I am very much of the opinion that professionalism, skill, depth of knowledge are far more beneficial and contribute to an effective business than which organisations you belong to. Though these organisations are incredibly important to demonstrate to the public that you uphold a code of ethics and professionalism. 


I hope that explains, let me know if you have further questions, and I hope to get to welcome you warmly to the college. If you wish to enrol upon either of our diploma courses then the first step is to complete the booking form at this page of the college website: College Booking Form. 


I send you my very best wishes,
Adam Eason, College Principal.