The festive season has arrived. With it being the 1st of December, it is now officially OK to talk publicly about Christmas, and yes it is the time of giving, and today I am giving you hypnotherapists the gift of education…..

You know what we’ve gone and done? We have set things up on our online membership area, so that anyone can go and have 5 days completely free access to everything. That’s right, you can now go and watch video footage of our hypnotherapy practitioner diploma course, our advanced hypnotherapy practitioner diploma course, our cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy certificate, our hypnotic coaching certification course, our hypnotherapist business development academy course, our science of self-hypnosis seminar, our rapid inductions and hypnotic phenomena for hypnotherapists seminar, our specialist lectures and additional materials galore – all for free!

You won’t get all the manuals, handouts and additional resources that you’d get if you were formally studying those courses for the relevant qualifications that comes with them, but you will have access of hundreds of hours of specialist, advanced, evidence based hypnotherapy training. You can go and bask in all the hypnotic goodness that is in there, you can let your brain soak up all the abundance of education that is in there and you can immerse yourself in the vast resources totally free for 5 days. Come and sample it, get a sense of what we are all about here. Visit this page, scroll all the way down to the membership options and select the 5 day free trial.

I’m only making this available for this month of December and yet this is still one of those announcements that I make on the college website that I love sharing, but also lack complete conviction about, and I’ll explain why……

There is a LOT of my life’s work in there, and I feel a slight pang of “why am I giving it to people for free”? and “surely everyone in the world would want to actually invest financially in this, it is so awesome!” – naturally I have some bias about my own work! I have dedicated my adult life to this field, I often adopt unpopular (unpopular within front line hypnotherapy training) stances based upon evidence base and that challenges ‘received wisdom’ within the hypnotherapy field, and I have a vision that includes major development of this field whereby it’s credibility is raised and is drawn out of the fringes of the psychology field.

So it is important to me that more hypnotherapists get exposed to my work and the education with.

However, it is also a marketing effort on our behalf, of course it is. This college is also a business (a family run and local business at that) and we are not going to be able to help bring this field out from the fringes if more people are not made aware of what we do and how we do it. So we hope that this opportunity helps educate some more of the field and helps more people to realise that there is much more depth, breadth and scope to the field of hypnotherapy than they may currently be aware of. Our hope is that you’ll want to stay a member and continue learning with us beyond the 5 free days, but you can cancel your membership anytime you choose.

Access all our hypnotherapy diploma courses, advanced seminars, lectures & more with our online monthly membership, and get 5 days free here: Visit this page, scroll all the way down to the membership options and select the 5 day free trial.

If you want to get a good feel for this college and our ethos and what we stand for, then have a read of these articles. If the 5 days for free offer is not enough to fully whet your appetite, then I highly recommend the investment of 10 minutes of your time to read these articles, they are ram-packed full of useful information even if you do not choose to study with me, they’ll benefit you greatly:

1. Why All Hypnotherapists Need To Know What “Shoshin” Is.

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5. Hypnotherapy Training: I’m Frothing at the Mouth About Why Hypnotherapists Need More Advanced Training.

6. Why Prominent Hypnotherapists and Hypnotherapy Training Schools Need To Know How To Take Criticism.

7. Why It Is Dangerous To Tread Water As A Hypnotherapist.

8. Are Hypnotherapists Intelligent Enough To See Both Sides?

9. What Can Hypnotherapists and Hypnosis Professionals Learn From Feuding Hypnotists?

10. Why “Science by Press Release” In The Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis Fields Frustrates Me.

11. Get It Here! Super Speedy Mega Hyper Quick Hypnotherapy!

Ok, this is only going to last for a limited period of time (initially it was set to end at the end of this month, but we have held on a bit longer) and we’ll be ceasing the offer fairly soon, so come and make the most of it.