Soooo… this is one of those articles whereby I’m making an offer as part of my current fundraising.

If you are a hypnotherapist, I think this will help you greatly.

I have just revamped and added quite a bit of material to our online hypnotherapy business development programme. You can read about it and what is included here:

Hypnotherapist Business Development Online Programme.

The web page itself also needs updating to be honest and does not do justice to all that is included, I’ve just not got around to updating that yet. The long and short of this article though, is that I’m offering the full and comprehensive programme to any hypnotherapist for just £75.00 paid directly to my fundraising page (URL given below) instead of to my college and I. The programme is usually substantially more to invest in.

This programme is for practicing professional hypnotherapists. It is an online programme so you can enjoy it’s varying components from the comfort of your own home or office wherever you are in the world. Each webinar, audio or video recording has accompanying materials, guidelines and instructions to help you derive the most gain from each session.

Over the years, I have worked with and mentored many hypnotherapists to help them develop their careers so that they see more clients, earn more money, are perceived as being more credible, get to serve more clients as a result as well as having a better quality of life.

What’s included in this online business development programme for hypnotherapists?

  1. How To Create A Thriving Hypnotherapy Business Videos: Adam presents his main strategies and ideas on how to develop an effective and thriving hypnotherapy business in these videos. This presentation includes Adam talking about his main marketing strategies and preferred approaches.
  2. Wealth Mindset Course: A comprehensive series of audios designed to help advance your wealth mindset as you ethically and professionally develop your hypnotherapy business.
    Be sure to download the workbook and use it in conjunction with the audios – and work through the audios in order, applying each lesson and advancing some of the lessons with the hypnosis sessions. This is a major programme in and of itself and contains a great many lessons and approaches to advance your own mindset in order to thrive within your business.
  3. Hypnotherapy Business Webinar Course: A comprehensive series of webinars that Adam delivered offering up the strategies he employs within his own thriving hypnotherapy business. This gives a great deal of information on how to advance your business online and without spending much (if any) money. Adam discusses his main strategies that have driven his own hypnotherapy business and he shares openly and candidly.
  4. Personality Marketing Presentation: One of the things that Adam believes is the bedrock of a successful and thriving hypnotherapy practice is personality marketing. He is incredibly passionate on this topic and explains this in detail in this series of videos that will help you break out of the mould and stand out from your competitors. The lessons given here will set you apart and make you a much more attractive proposition as a hypnotherapist than your competition.
  5. Book Writing Webinars: This is a series of webinars Adam ran a few years ago to help hypnotherapists become a published author and advance their career as a result (much more detail about this component further down the page).
  6. Wealth Wizard Hypnosis Audio Tracks: These are the audio tracks from one of Adam’s earliest and most successful hypnosis products. These are the recordings from the bestselling CDs of the Wealth Wizard product Adam sold back in 2005.
    They contain some great messages and ideas for developing a wealth mindset despite being a bit dated in terms of Adam’s approach today.
  7. Business Development Webinar Series 2010: Back in 2010 Adam and his former business partner Keith Watson ran a series of webinars to help hypnotherapists advance their businesses, here is the archive footage of those webinars that still contain much valuable and applicable information to advance your hypnotherapy business.

Plus, when you invest in this programme, you’ll get all the programme updates for life. Whenever we add updated and new components, you’ll have them. It is an ongoing programme following your single investment which we hope to help you make a healthy return on.

Anyway, as I wrote at the top of this article, I am offering this entire programme (usually £250.00) for £75.00 as part of my charity fundraising.

You’ll get lifetime access to the full programme and all of it’s components, you simply have to sponsor me and my running project £75.00 here at this page:

Adam Eason’s Justgiving Fundraising Page.

If you do sponsor me, you’ll need to email me (my college email address is on every page of this website) to let me know as I’ll get a notification that I’ve been sponsored but may not be given the name and email address of the person who sponsored me.

Every hypnotherapist should and can be running an effective, prosperous, flourishing business. Enrol on this online programme to develop your business, to help you achieve the dreams you have for your business or to simply take your hypnotherapy business to the next level. Plus, you’ll be helping raise funds for some wonderful school facilities that will improve lives for generations to come. Have a read of the above pages, I think you’ll be really pleased you did.