If you have ever read any of the many, MANY self-hypnosis techniques, strategies and approaches that I have written up throughout the years, you will know that I often refer to adopting a hypnotic mindset when inducing self-hypnosis. Likewise, with all of my hypnotherapy clients, I ask them to adopt this hypnotic mindset prior to our sessions and throughout the hypnotherapy session itself. Additionally, it is this hypnotic mindset that is used in the laboratory during my own hypnosis research at Bournemouth University when we are explaining hypnosis and educating study participants about hypnosis.

Today, I decided to record a video and put this hypnotic mindset in fairly simple terms to explain it to those less familiar with it and so that there is reference about it that I can send people to if they need a reminder and an explanation.
Here is the video anyway, enjoy….

To recap on a couple of key points:

a) Based on extensive scientific research, we conceptualise hypnosis in terms of a hypnotic “mind set”. This mind-set consists of factors such as belief, imagination, expectation, attitudes toward hypnosis, motivation and depth of role-involvement. 

b) By adopting this hypnotic mind-set, you become more responsive to hypnotic suggestions and better at being hypnotised.

c) According to this model and approach “hypnosis” simply means a set of attitudes and behaviours that mediate hypnotic responses.

Here is that important section that I repeated in the video:

Put simply, the “hypnotic mind set” in hypnosis can be seen as: being motivated to be hypnotised, being confident in your ability to respond, optimistic about the process, and expecting to automatically experience the responses being suggested; if you do those things, you will tend to respond better because you are “in the right mind-set” for hypnosis.

When you adopt this mindset, the results you get from hypnosis are advanced. With suggestions, treat them as reality, be undeniably convinced of them – make believe, create your own reality as a result of the mindset.


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