In the past few days, I have put together a series of hypnosis sessions, recorded brand new instructional videos and additional support audios aimed at helping to deal with some effects of the current Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic.

I have put together an online programme that contains the following:

1. Self-hypnosis tuition to be able to employ the skills referred to in the rest of the programme.

2. Newly recorded instructional videos on how to use one the most efficacious behavioural methods for overcoming unwanted habits (habit reversal) as I lead you through the process to use to ensure you stop touching your face and putting your fingers near to your mouth.

Nathan Azrin and Gregory Nunn developed the behaviour therapy technique of Habit Reversal in the early 1970s, though the underlying notion had been around in therapy for much longer.
On the basis of treatment with over 300 subjects, Nunn and Azrin found an average 90% reduction in the frequency of the habit following a single session of habit-reversal treatment, improving with practice, to approximately 97% on average after one month, although only 10% of subjects reported that the habit never recurred again (1977: 28-29). Nevertheless, despite minor setbacks being common, even after six months the average reduction was 99.5% overall. Today, their method is still regarded by researchers as one of the most evidence-based approaches to habit- breaking in the field of psychotherapy.

Plus I’ve added an additional hypnosis track guiding you through this process.

3. Two hypnosis audio tracks for you to listen to to advance your immune functioning. If you’d like evidence that supports these sessions, watch this video I recorded recently: Advancing Immune Functioning. The audios are intended to and can be used preventative measure of course, to fight off coronavirus, though it can also be used at the onset of any illness to advance your response to dealing with it.One of the hypnosis audio tracks seeks to increase the number of lymphocytes in your bloodstream.
Lymphocytes are white blood cells which are an important part of the immune system. They distinguish the body’s own cells from foreign ones and defend the body against infection by producing chemicals that destroy foreign material. These are T- and B-Cells, helper cells which multiply, create an army of identical cells that fight infection and also ‘remember’ the invader, helping to enhance your immunity to another attack in the future. You’ll also imagine an increase in NK cells in your blood. NK cells are Natural Killer cells and are an important part of the innate immune system and respond to virally infected cells.

The second hypnosis session I have put together is designed to boost your immune system by giving it a super charge using a process that has been used in research and proven to be effective.

I have no intention of profiting from disaster, so am simply seeking to have the costs covered of having to host these new videos and audio tracks in an online site for you to access with ease. So everything mentioned on this page that comprises this programme is available to you for just £20.00. You’ll have access to it all for life.

If however, you have been effected financially by recent events and are simply unable to afford this, send me an email (to the address that is at the top of most pages on this website) and I will organise free access to the full programme, with my compliments.

4. Two hypnosis audio tracks to help you deal with unwanted symptoms of the flu.
I recall a great episode of South Park when the town all got SARS and Stan discovered that cure (told to him by a wise-old trailer trash guy) was Chicken noodle soup, dayquil (US version of Vicks) and sprite.

We all are sure to have come across our own best ways of dealing with the common cold, I used to have Heinz tomato soup, a copy of the Beano to read in bed and a couple of spoonfuls of butterscotch syrup – which is simply delicious. On occasions, I’d get one of the old style bottles of lucozade wrapped in yellow noisy foil/paper too.
It would seem to many people though that chicken soup does indeed have mystical healing powers.

Many people revert to chicken soup when they have a cold or flu and there have even been some studies to investigate the reasons for it and it does indeed contain a bunch of ingredients that help us through those miserable times.

The first hypnotic audio session utilises the lovely notion of combining the benefits of chicken soup and amplifying them with the power of hypnosis. The second track is a culmination of my own experiences, successes and development; using hypnosis to help ease a sore throat. It is a god send! Apply this session if you get a sore throat, and let it soothe that throat.

5. A hypnosis session to harness the power of placebo as well as hypnosis and give you a remedy to your symptoms.

Piece of research upon piece of research about the placebo effect have shown how much faith we truly have in tablets – so many pieces of placebo research show some minor change as a result of taking it. So this hypnosis session allows you to create your own hypnotic tablet that you can take and allow your body to respond accordingly. You may be amazed at just how your mind and body respond to taking a hypnotic tablet!

6. Two hypnosis audio sessions to help advance your mood during this challenging time.
The first track draws upon a wide range of components that will put a smile on your face.
Sometimes we don’t need to go for a deep, lengthy therapeutic procedure. Sometimes we just want to give ourselves a lift, especially if we have been in a bad mood for a while, or maybe been subjected to a number of problems in our life that have made it seem difficult to snap into a great mood, or perhaps we’ve been ignoring good stuff or felt that there has not been a lot to get excited about… Well the first hypnosis session is absolutely for just getting a pep up; a thorough mood advancement process.
The reason I refer to it being ‘first aid’ for a bad mood is because it deals with symptoms of a bad mood.

The second session draws upon much of your existing capacity to laugh and feel happy and will transport you to a place in time and space where you will have your mood illuminated and elevated.

7. Two Hypnosis Sessions to help reduce stress and anxiety. Many of us are anxious right now. We are worried about the illness spreading, about catching it ourselves, about our loved catching it, and about the effect all of this can have on other areas of our lives.

Firstly, I share with you a very simple and incredibly powerful hypnosis session for overcoming anxiety. If you ever get anxious, then now is the time to abandon that anxiety. No matter what the theory, anxiety relates to a future time and is usually about a future situation. It also comes from scattered attention and lack of focus. It is the unknown that causes apprehension and anxiousness. Living in the moment can help stop anxiety. We deceive ourselves into thinking we can control, manipulate, or modify the future. In actuality, there are so many variables that we really can’t see all the possibilities that can occur. In fact, worrying or being anxious causes more anxiety and may cause missing a moment that could be truly valuable.

There is a paradox to anxiety: the more you anticipate what’s going to happen, the more anxious you become. To eliminate anxiety, becoming quiet and allowing things to happen works better than being anxious about what might happen. Learn to give your full attention to everything you do in the moment. By letting go of the anxiety, you conquer it.

Secondly, Do You Think Of Catastrophic Thoughts? Create Unnecessary Drama? This next session is the Hypnosis Track for You.
When I put this audio track together, I wrote and confessed to partaking in some catastrophisation. When you teach socratic questioning techniques as I do each year in my classes, you do tend to find yourself able to fairly calmly dissipate any tendency to awfulise or catastrophise by asking some of the classic questions aimed at doing just that (dissipating and overcoming catastrophisation):
What makes the situation so terrible, awful or horrible?
Are you making a mountain out of a molehill?
Are you exaggerating the importance of this problem?
Do you have any reason to think you might be blowing things out of proportion here?
The rational consideration of these questions and looking at the truth of the situation by answering them, does tend to help us to get a grip.

However, if the feelings themselves have taken hold, then feeling a particular way can create a cycle within us that makes us continue to think the worst!
What if this terrible thing happens (start to imagine that thing happening and then start to feel bad — The bad feeling makes us feel worse)…
Oh no, it is going to happen… (imagined scenario starts to be perceived more vividly, turning the bad feelings up)…
If this terrible thing happens, then these other terrible things will happen as a result and (more imagery, more unwanted feelings) then something else will happen and my entire life will be ruined for ever and there’ll be no way I can ever be well and happy again…”

This exaggerated and non-specific example is one way of illustrating what I mean by catastrophisation.
For some people, they imagine the worst thing happening, or think about what could go wrong immediately when presented with a scenario or a situation. In this hypnosis session, you learn to dispute thoughts that lead us to catastrophise, and youlearn how to restructure your thoughts in a number of ways.

I think all of the above makes a comprehensive package of resources to help equip you psychologically for the trials of the coronavirus. In addition to official medical guidance and government guidelines, I think these will help you with your mental approach to this challenging time right now.

I have no intention of profiting from disaster, so am simply seeking to have the costs covered of having to host these new videos and audio tracks in an online site for you to access with ease. So all the above is available to you for just £20.00. You’ll have access to it all for life.

If however, you have been effected financially by recent events and are simply unable to afford this, send me an email (to the address that is at the top of most pages on this website) and I will organise free access to the full programme, with my compliments.

Once you have paid for the programme and we receive that notification, we’ll then be in touch to give you all the login details and access to the programme with all the mass of resources.

Much love to you and your loved ones at this time.