Here at the college, I often talk about and teach that you make a hypnosis induction process soooo much easier and more effective when you yourself (as hypnotist) adopt a very particular mindset and adopt some very simple (some might think rudimentary) underlying principles. I have found that when we do so, the induction process is smoother, easier and much more effective. The hypnotist or hypnotherapist is perceived with credibility and is trusted as a result.

These particular principles sit in well with the way I personally tend to favour explaining hypnosis too.

In general, and put simply, when these principles are present and engaged with as an inherent part of the hypnotic induction, it will be enriched and better as a result.

In this video, I explain these principles. I have abbreviated them and run through it much quicker and much briefer than I would in class and not really referred to the evidence to support these theories, but I hope you find it stimulating and useful. I hope you like the model too – I am rather attached to it, as you’ll see….

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