Cognitive hypnotherapy is my topic here today. In this video clip, I give a broad and simplified version of how to import the fundamental principles and approaches of cognitive therapy (as per the originators Aaron Beck and Albert Ellis) into the hypnotherapists offerings and form the real basic foundations of cognitive hypnotherapy.

I do so using an outline of a thought form and in the video I explain first of all how the thought form would be used by the client, and the purposes of it. Then I explain how it is used by the client and explain how that overriding process also illustrates some key stages of cognitive hypnotherapy in terms of moving from cognitive awareness, cognitive disputation and through to the ultimate aim of cognitive restructuring. I then show a few of the kinds of tools, skills and techniques that we have and that we learn to apply as hypnotherapists to carry out that process and journey towards cognitive restructuring

Excuse my handwriting and the blip in the middle where the recording got lost as I had not turned the phone function of my phone off!! I’m such a pro!

Enjoy this video about cognitive hypnotherapy anyway.

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