In this video I’m addressing a topic that I’ve been asked about a lot throughout the years. I am often asked how I deal with those religious references of hypnosis and how the religious fraternity sometimes react to the field of hypnosis…

When I first started running my self-hypnosis seminars back in the late 1990s at a comprehensive school in my humble beginnings, there was a church group who met up and used the school hall on Sunday mornings and after they had finished, they would look at me suspiciously when we had tea breaks and many would come and ask me about it and some even suggested I was opening people’s mind’s to the devil himself with my hypnosis.

I was schooled at a Church of England School and come from a Church going family and though I am an atheist today, I am not ignorant to the workings of religion and the Christian faith and am very respectful of it.
As I said, over the years, many people, books and presentations I have encountered have offered up snippets of references from the Bible that some have suggested could be references to hypnotic phenomena and hypnosis. I thought today, I’d share a collection of them with you in this video.

This video is recorded with my tongue firmly in my cheek at times, and although prayer and certain forms of worship could be considered by some as historical precursors to a wide number of personal development tools of today, I am making no such claims here.

The paper that I refer to in the video is by Glasner (1951) entitled A note on allusions to hypnosis in the Bible and Talmud. It made for some fascinating reading and have shared a couple of snippets from that paper here, especially those points I see getting discussed in forums and within other articles on the subjects of religion and hypnosis on the internet. 



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