Here in the UK, as with many other countries around the world that have been hit with the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic, there is plenty of advice and guidance regarding social distancing, staying home, washing hands, being diligent and considerate in order that the spread of the disease is minimised as much as is possible.
One of the things there is less guidance and advice about is how to protect your mental health during lockdown, during these challenging times. Many people are struggling to cope so I wanted to share something that offered up some assistance in that regard today, all of which is immediately applicable and supported by evidence.
In this video, I champion connection, gratitude, altruism and optimism. I discuss a terrifying panic-stricken 1970s sci-film, a genuine laughter virus that happened in Tanzania in the 1960s, I talk about nobel prize winning strategies for using one infection to kill another, I make lots of references to my favourite authors and researchers, all with the aim of helping you and your mental health during lockdown.
I hope that you and those around you are safe and well right now. I hope there is plenty that will help you here in this video.


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