In this video I have hopped on to my soap box. Having taught the topic of assertiveness training at the weekend, and talked about us all having our own “bill of rights” it got me thinking. We all have the right to assert ourselves, we have the right to disagree with the opinion of others, we have the right to express ourselves (as long as these things do not harm others), and importantly, we have the right to have these differences be respected. This becomes relevant because I recently saw some behaviour online from hypnotherapy trainers that I felt was lacking in such respect and I wanted to make a video about it while it was all fresh in my mind. I think respecting the rights of others, even if we disagree with them, is fundamental if we are to grow and develop as a field.  

In the video, I mentioned another related video of mine that you can watch here: Video: Why The Hypnotherapy Field Needs To Know How To Take Criticism and Stop Being Defensive.


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