Caffeine has posed some major issues for me in the past and I have a tempestuous relationship with it. As a result I decided to apply some placebo science and self-hypnosis to help solve my challenge and the results were magnificent for me. In this video I share some of the science that influenced me, and share the process I’ve been using. The links I refer to are beneath the video, enjoy…
In the video I refer to another video of mine whereby I explain the hypnotic mindset here, do go and watch it if you are not familiar with it: The Hypnotic Mindset Explained in Detail. 
I also refer to my self-hypnosis roadmap that you can download here: Self-Hypnosis Roadmap. 
And my 20 minute self-hypnosis crash Course here: Self-Hypnosis Crash Course Video.
These are the broad strokes of the process to use as a guide when practicing if you wish:
Step One: Know the outcome you wish to have.
Be aware of the former experiences you may have had and apply that to the experience you wish to recreate with this process.
It is important to adopt a positive cognitive set, so familiarise yourself with the hypnotic mindset as discussed, and adopt it accordingly prior to commencing.
Step Two: Induce hypnosis.
Step Three: Deliver the proposed placebo to yourself in a warm, expert fashion.
Convince yourself of the experience. Become absorbed in it and let it deepen your experience of hypnosis.
Step Four: Take your placebo or Imagine taking the placebo.
Engage your senses and create the “believed-in imagining” I refer to.
Step Five: Create the sensations and outcomes of the placebo.
Step Six: Use cognitions and reinforce belief with the hypnotic mindset.
Step Seven: Exit hypnosis.
Remember, as discussed in the video – belief and expectation are key, convince yourself, create a believed-in imagining, and you may be amazed with what you are capable of.


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