Yesterday, I did a couple of Facebook live recordings with Paul Ramsay over in the US. We talked briefly about my upcoming workshops that I’ll be presenting at this year’s NGH convention in Marlborough, MA in August. I’ll be presenting for 3 hours on Saturday the 10th, and offering a full post-convention workshop on Monday the 12th.

You can read this PDF about my full day workshop or visit the NGH website for details of how to grab tickets for the full event. Here is the first video from yesterday anyway….

If you are based in the US & have wanted to train with me, this Summer is your opportunity! I’ve not taught in the US for a decade and may not do so again for quite a while, so do grab this rare opportunity if you can…. I’ll be running my Science of Self-Hypnosis Workshop. Here is the second video we recorded yesterday…..

With much of my own energy in future years being on the UK Hypnosis Convention that I run, I am lessening the amount of time I spend teaching overseas, so if you are in the US or nearby and can access the US more easily than here in the UK, come and join me – and after class, lets go and have dinner and geek out about hypnosis together! I plan on making this a very memorable workshop and will bring my absolute A game with me.

See you there!