I’m really chuffed to announce that Kev Sheldrake is going to be the speaker presenting for our April CPD webinar in our hypnotherapist development hub. Kev blends adherence to science and evidence base with a great sense of humour and very endearing manner that I enjoy immensely. Here are the details….

Title: Does It Matter How Hypnosis Works?

Date: Weds 6th April, 2022

Time: 7pm-9pm

Presentation Details:
I will talk about the importance of the science of suggestion, how to access it in a manner that won’t break your brain (or your social calendar), and how to navigate it in a credible and ethical way. I’ll draw upon the Cosmic Pancakes! website as examples of what people have claimed as science over the years, from academic books to doctors, amateurs, claimed experts, and thinly-veiled fiction. I’ll refer to performers who are great at doing hypnosis but really don’t care how it works, and I’ll answer the question of whether it actually matters if practitioners, including hypnotherapists, understand it.

Kev is a hacker, magician and hypnotist. He worked with Anthony Jacquin for many years as business partner, writer and producer at Head Hacking: a pioneering company that popularised street hypnosis through products and training, taught hypnosis to magicians, researched academic perspectives on the nature of suggestion, and ran the annual hypnosis conference “change | phenomena”. As a hacker he has presented his research at numerous international conferences and he currently works at a pioneering startup. He runs the Cosmic Pancakes! blog with his wife Amy, which seeks to understand everything there is to know about hypnosis. Derren Brown recently called it “a great resource about hypnosis”.

Join us: 

If you are a member of the college’s Hypnotherapist Development Hub, the login details for the presentation on Zoom are all there for you. If you are not a member of the hub and would like to join this event only, contact me (Adam Eason) using the email address for the college on every page of this website (top left corner of the homepage) and I will explain how you can join us. For more information on how you can join our hypnotherapist development hub, read this page of the college website.

The event does get recorded and added to the hub archives, however, the Q&A and discussion afterwards with Kev does not get included in the recording, so if you can make it live, then do so as I think those discussions are very worthwhile, stimulating and fun!