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Instilling Hope

As someone who has suffered with depression and a sense of hopelessness that can be experienced with it, I often discuss my love for helping instil a sense of hope within others, it is a wonderful part of being a clinical hypnotherapist. In this brief clip, I mention...

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Adam’s Favourite Joke…

I got asked to share my favourite joke while teaching a class recently. This is it. For me it conjures up hilarious imagery, but I also love the phonological ambiguity in it (though realise saying so can neuter the joke entirely!)....

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How to be More Responsive to Hypnosis

Adam briefly describes how to adopt a “positive cognitive set” and hypnotic mindset to respond better to hypnosis and suggestions. Being such an active agent is far superior than simply being a passive recipient when it comes to responsiveness when hypnotised.

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Hypnosis as a Collaborative Process

In this video clip Adam explains that hypnotic responses are not 100% the responsibility of the hypnotist; they have a role that needs to be explained to them so that they can adopt the right mindset and actively increase responsiveness. As an active agent, the...

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