A recent poll carried out by the international Internet-based market research company, YouGov posed the question:

Would you ever consider hypnosis as a means to give up a bad habit or help you in some aspect of your behaviour?” (Click on the link to see for yourself, second item down)

The results offered up the following statistics –

I would – 40%
I wouldn’t – 37%
Don’t know – 23%

If you visit the page, you can also read the statistics are segmented into other sections too; Political party, Gender, Geographical Region, Age and Social Grade. It is useful stuff for those who are interested in their own target market. These kind of polls are typically weighted and aim to be representative of the population of the country and a total number of 3724 UK adults completed the questionnaire in this instance (and did so in January 2018).

I am of the opinion that this is encouraging and it does highlight that the number of potential clients out there is impressive. If the field in general could work towards enhancing it’s credibility and professionalism further, along with correcting myth and misconception and continuing to get great results for our clients, we are likely to find those numbers increasing.

These types of figures suggest to me that the awareness of the general population regarding hypnotherapy is increasing, the public perception is becoming more favourable, and that this is a wonderful time for the field of hypnotherapy – hypnotherapists have a really good opportunity to have a wonderful business in this field and those with the right education mixed with the right business development approach, have a perfect opportunity to really thrive.

Nothing more today, just sharing some encouraging signs for our field.

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