The vast majority of people that I encounter with a moderate amount of knowledge about hypnotherapy, tend to think that hypnotherapy is first and foremost a great way to stop smoking. They think of it as the best application of hypnosis. It seems to be best known as a stop smoking remedy to many people.

My exploration of the evidence available combined with my own clinical experience leads me (and many of my colleagues) to believe that hypnotherapy is brilliant for dealing with pain, overcoming anxiety, enhancing sleep and many other applications but stopping smoking is a more advanced and tougher challenge altogether.

There are some amazing and impressive claims made about using hypnosis and hypnotherapy for stopping smoking. In this video I explore and robustly examine such claims. How good is hypnosis at helping people to stop smoking? There has been a LOT of research on this topic and in this video I share it.

There is also a great deal of research on how many sessions advances results, some are very surprising, especially given that there is such a proliferation of single session stop smoking programmes offered by hypnotherapists.

View the video, I hope you find it stimulating and interesting.

Do go and check out the evidence for yourself….


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