The brain is an incredible pattern-seeking machine. This video today explicitly shows you how to make that work for you and help you to develop a happier outlook.
As the brain seeks patterns, to be happier in our daily lives we want to be able to set our brain to seek out positivity patterns, and develop patterns that progressively filter our experience. One way to effectively do that, is to ask yourself some questions on a regular basis, and get your brain working for you.
Questions and themes supported by science are what this video shares.
In this video, Adam gives you some ideas on how to ask yourself questions and get your brain working to your advantage. And I guess many of us have experienced, or are aware that our brain often does the opposite – when we ruminate, when we establish rigid negative thinking patterns, it can lead us to be unhappy, sad, depressed or anxious – we can become expertly skilled at using our brain to make us unhappy!
Learn how to become skilled at using your brain more effectively, with 8 simple questions.
Let me know if you have any questions or queries and if you’d like to discuss it, come post a question in my college’s Facebook group.
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