Neuropsychology combines neurology and psychology. It’s the science behind how our brains physically work, mapping the connection between physical processes and our minds.
In this video Adam explains the different parts of the brain in simple terms. He outlines what each area is responsible for.
There’s a lot of potential and knowledge locked in our heads and figuring where everything sits is not just interesting but can sometimes be life-saving.
Many people with brain injuries have had their lives positively changed thanks to neuropsychologists and their knowledge of where a specific thing in the brain happens.
In the hypnotherapy field as with psychology and psychotherapy in general, we are greatly informed by neuroscience and it helps to understand the fundamentals before exploring it further. That’s what I’m doing here, explaining some fundamentals before getting more specific in a subsequent video.
Let me know if you have any questions or queries and if you’d like to discuss it, come post a question in my college’s Facebook group.
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