I’m delighted to announce that our CPD webinar for March in our Hypnotherapist Development Hub will be welcoming the one and only Dan Jones as our presenter.

Title: An Introduction to Understanding & Working With Autistic Clients

Date: Weds 9th March, 2022

Time: 7pm-9pm

Presenter: Dan Jones

Dan Jones is an autistic psychological therapist. He has worked supporting children, teenagers and families for over 20 years as well as working with individuals in private practice. Dan originally qualified as a hypnotherapist in 2001 and taught his own GHSC accredited hypnotherapy diploma from 2007 to 2019, Dan began studying hypnosis in 1993 as a way to help himself with some of the challenges of being autistic. Dan has written over 30 books, including the Hypnotherapy Revealed series and an autobiography through the lens of autism, Look Into My Eyes. Dan has two YouTube channels, The Mind Changers which he runs with Neuroscientist Dr David Lewis, and Slumberland where he shares therapeutic bedtime stories, meditations and self-hypnosis.

Presentation Details:

Between 1 in 68 and 1 in 100 people are autistic, many autistic adults are undiagnosed and may not even realise they could be autistic. Any counsellor or other psychological therapist in full-time practice is likely to encounter diagnosed and undiagnosed autistic clients. It could be that the client doesn’t realise they are autistic and most counselling and therapy training doesn’t cover autism, so the therapist may also not realise that the client could be autistic, yet knowledge of this could lead to better outcomes for that client and greater awareness of what support and guidance would be helpful.

In this presentation I will teach about the traits, challenges and strengths of autistic clients and how the client being autistic can impact on their life and on how they respond in therapy, to give you ideas about understanding autistic clients better and have ideas for how you can best help them.

The presentation doesn’t teach you how to ‘treat’ autism as autism isn’t something you can cure. Autistic people are born autistic and can’t be ‘cured’ of the autism, but I will be open about my own personal experiences within the presentation and will share my own examples and examples of experiences of people I have worked with to illustrate what behaviours others might see and what is going on for the autistic person in that moment, and what things can help the autistic person, like what skills they might need to be taught to reduce the impact of certain challenges the client may have on the presenting problem.

What you will learn:

– Autistic traits and challenges

– How these can present in therapy

– Ways to work more effectively with autistic individuals

This is free to attend if you are a member of our Hypnotherapist Development Hub and details with the Zoom link are in the hub right now.

If you are not a member, you can read more about the hub and payment options on this page and join, or if you wish to join the webinar without joining our hub, the fee is £15.00. Use the button below to pay the fee and you’ll be sent the details and link to join.

We will be recording the event and that will be posted in the hub afterwards. If you wish to ask questions and join i the live discussion afterwards (which will not be recorded) then be sure to join us live.I look forward to welcoming you to what promises to be a great evening of learning, official CPD and insight.